The car crash moments that captivated you in 2017

As I stumble wearily towards my Christmas break, I’m not entirely sure how much blogging I’ll be doing after I cross the December 21 finish line. Maybe a bit, maybe a lot, maybe none. I’ll see how the mood takes me.

Currently the mood seems to be taking me to a semi-comatose position on the couch with the occasional dip in the ocean.

So I thought I’d fill you in on my top 10 blogs posts of the year now, as I can’t think I’m going to blow it out of the park in the next two weeks.

There will be no accidental triceratops sex position viral moments.

OK, I should have learned by now not to make such sweeping statements, as they tend to bring out the impish side in the universe.

But on with the show … which, ironically, is still – more than three years after I wrote it – dominated by the damn triceratops blog.

Yep, A funny thing happened when I talked about sex… was my most-viewed blog post of 2017 by a mile. Though I do feel quite fondly towards it since it was part of my schtick during my first date with DD.

He was quite startled, but I think he’s reluctantly becoming accustomed to my lack of verbal boundaries.

Actually, the top 10 list is mainly dominated by back catalogue favourites. Only three posts I actually wrote in 2017 made the list.

The No1. blog post was followed by two oldies but goodies that targetted the mum market:

14 incredible cubby houses

10 amazing loot bags

And then things descended to where they usually descend, sex:

Let’s talk about sex

50-year-old men are really hot

I can’t stop thinking about Sandra Bullock’s thighs

My dog almost dying was the most popular 2017 post:

Paying the price

Then it was back to sex:

Shoot, shag or marry

Read at your own risk

Then sort of sex, well the result of it:

Giving birth in the ’80s was SCARY

and, finally, the downsides of being a single mum:

So I cried. And I gave up

Speaking of crying, I’ll be doing a lot of that this afternoon at “clap out”, which sounds like an STD, but is what they call the guard of honour that the year 6 kids walk through as they exit primary school for the last time.

Have a good weekend, I’m looking forward to getting away for a couple of days. Hope you have something fun planned too.

Song of the day: Snow Patrol “Headlights on dark roads”

PS If it was the top 10 blog posts I wrote in 2017 they would be …

  1. Paying the price
  2. Read at your own risk
  3. So I cried. And I gave up
  4. Falling off the wagon (self explanatory)
  5. Rebel with a cause (reflections on the gossip mag trade)
  6. Maybe it never happened (Mia Freedman speaking at a work function)
  7. Stop messing with my plans (turning 49)
  8. I hope its not broken (general life crazy)
  9. I almost made him cry (me and James Packer)
  10. It’s his birthday and I’ll cry if I want to (screwing up DD’s birthday surprise)

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