Has it really been that long?

My mouth actually formed an "o" last night when I realised it's been eight years since I left magazines. Eight years! Housegoeshome was launched on July 28, 2011, a month after my career at ACP Magazines concluded following a 20-year tenure. It was such a different Household back then. Here's my first ever blog post:... Continue Reading →

Well that was a shock

I've had a soft spot for Simon Baker since we almost went swing dancing together in New York in the '90s. In case you missed that little vignette from my past life ... I was visiting New York on a round- the-world ticket and a friend suggested I meet an Aussie expat she knew over... Continue Reading →

Lunch breaking point

Since the youngest became permanently bedridden from nasal surgery, my lunch breaks have taken a rather hectic turn. I would normally pop to the gym on Mondays and Thursdays for a pump class and spend my other lunch hours at my desk eating leftovers. Not this week. Here’s how yesterday's lunch break went down: Drive... Continue Reading →

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