Not the end of it

Well of course the visit to the ENT yesterday wasn’t the end of my ear issues. That’s not how I roll. But I have a few more answers. It turns out that the treatment for my ear infections has given me ear thrush. I didn’t even know ear thrush was a thing. Much like normal […]

Might as well jump

After two looooooong years, the youngest got her braces off yesterday. Her father made the appointment for 10.10am on a school/work day, then went on holidays to Western Australia. As it takes the youngest at least 90 minutes to get to school, there didn’t seem to be much point in her going. Also, I don’t […]

Love and other bruises

Other than being stung all over my chest by a toxic caterpillar, my weekend was quite lovely. Busy, slightly painful, but lovely. The caterpillar dropped from a bush – I presume – and hit my face first before tumbling into my cleavage, leaving angry, red welts at every turn. Unsightly. Anyways, I had some new […]

Can’t keep up

Hey there, I ran out of time to blog yesterday. It was quite the 24 hours, what with the Court of Appeal’s decision about the Kathleen Folbigg case and the youngest having her birthday teppanyaki dinner at the scruffiest Japanese restaurant in town, which she and her cousin James LOVE and insist on as their […]

It won’t be boring

I have become my own health saga. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. I went to the doctor yesterday to get the results of my CT scan and felt like I’d cheated on him. He said: “I see you went to the hospital last week.” Er, yes, sorry … He started rattling on about my ear […]

Time has officially flown

The youngest turned 15 yesterday. Blimey! How did that happen? She’s her mother’s daughter – she had a miserable start to her birthday too. The dreadful weather meant she was very late to a 9am maths test and was only given 10 minutes to do it even though she’d studied and knew all the answers. […]

We finally got there

Twelve months ago, DD and I were supposed to drive to Newcastle for a red wine appreciation night, hosted by our friends Darren and Kirsten. It was just before COVID-19 lockdown and they pulled the plug a few days because she was feeling really sick, but couldn’t get tested. Back then it was really difficult […]

You’re the catch

It’s pretty easy to make me cry this week and Kate Hudson got me going with a post she wrote on Instagram about her stepdad, Kurt Russell, who just turned 70. She said: “I’m gonna gush cause I don’t often about this man but I figure since today he turns 70 I’m gonna let it […]

How the birthday went down

After waking at 3.30am on my birthday feeling grim due to my ear infection, I called in sick to my contracting job, cancelled lunch with my friend Alice and got DD to drive me to the hospital. It turned out to be the perfect time to be in the emergency department, as it was pretty […]

Birthday cancelled

I’m 53 today. How the hell did that happen? It’s way too soon, I’m not ready. Normally I feel about 35 on the inside and get a shock when I see my reflection and suddenly remember I’m not. I’m with Judi Dench, who said in a recent interview with The Guardian that she hates being […]