Not the end of it

Well of course the visit to the ENT yesterday wasn't the end of my ear issues. That's not how I roll. But I have a few more answers. It turns out that the treatment for my ear infections has given me ear thrush. I didn't even know ear thrush was a thing. Much like normal... Continue Reading →

Might as well jump

After two looooooong years, the youngest got her braces off yesterday. Her father made the appointment for 10.10am on a school/work day, then went on holidays to Western Australia. As it takes the youngest at least 90 minutes to get to school, there didn’t seem to be much point in her going. Also, I don't... Continue Reading →

Can’t keep up

Hey there, I ran out of time to blog yesterday. It was quite the 24 hours, what with the Court of Appeal’s decision about the Kathleen Folbigg case and the youngest having her birthday teppanyaki dinner at the scruffiest Japanese restaurant in town, which she and her cousin James LOVE and insist on as their... Continue Reading →

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