Gluten-free mandarin cake

This recipe is dedicated to my sister-in-law, Deb. Deb was recently diagnosed as coeliac, which is a bugger because so many yummy things contain gluten. Fortunately there are many delicious things that don’t, like this divine mandarin cake. It’s sublime, especially with a dollop of double-cream. And so easy to make. Just a bit of […]

Totally lost it

I drove to Mortdale earlier this week to visit a friend. I had no idea where Mortdale was – other than south – so I consulted my street directory. My street directory is an ancient, decrepit thing, missing its first 10 pages, including most of the “A” entries. Fortunately my friend’s street started with an R. I drove […]

Pickled parenting

I think I’m edging towards alcoholism. How can you tell if you’re becoming an alcoholic? Is needing two (ish) glasses of wine on a Monday night a sign? Is needing two (ish) glasses every night – three (ish) on weekends – a sign? I haven’t always been like this. I used to go all week without touching the stuff. But lately I’ve started […]

Recipe: carrot cupcakes with lemon frosting

I’m on an adding-healthy-veg-to-lunchbox-treats kick. The Sprogs are wise to this subterfuge and requested carrot cupcakes with no visible carrot. I love a challenge, so I hopped to it (groan). They turned out rather well. Sprog 2, however, refused to eat them. She said the frosting was too lemony (after one teeny tiny nibble). Sprog 1 vehemently disagreed. So Sprog […]

Such a slapper

I painted my first house when I was 26. I went for half-strength “fluffy duck”. It was the ’90s, yellow was very trendy back then. I naively thought I’d take a few days off work and knock the whole place over. Weeks, months, years later, I still hadn’t finished. The back of the loungeroom door was last to […]

The Mag I Bought This Week Award (28/5/12) goes to …

Steve the Newsagent and I are at odds over who should win The Mag I Bought This Week Award. He reckons Woman’s Day will cane it with its Schapelle Corby cover, because Schapelle mags always walk off the shelf. “Why? I don’t know … drugs, filth and sex, always good sellers,” Steve cheerfully informs me. Plus, there’s […]

Trailer trash

One of my Xmas gifts from Husband was an Apple TV thingy. It was actually a present for him, with a gift tag attached to it saying it was for me. Husband has been having great fun with my Xmas present. And I have to admit it’s growing on me too. My favourite thing it does is show movie trailers. Heaps and […]

Who were you when you gave birth? (aka Noisy Sunday)

I can sum it up in one word: horrified. Give me a few more words and I’d add “distraught”, “hysterical” and “exhausted”. Warning – if you haven’t had a baby and wish to remain blissfully ignorant about the horrors of childbirth, stop reading. If, on the other hand, you are feeling deeply suspicious of people who say, “it’s […]

Silent Sunday? Pffft

I don’t know the meaning of Silent Sunday. What’s that all about? All these bloggers seem to be doing it. Just a photo, no words. Not me. I talk/type all the time. Especially when I’ve had alcohol or caffeine. Can’t help myself. I am like a verbal fountain. Well, except with my family. Then I’m […]