Too good to be true

I almost fell off my chair at Norths Leagues Club on Wednesday night when the eldest texted me and asked: "How's your week been so far?" I'm lucky if she answers my text messages, let alone sends unsolicited ones. Sigh, teenagers. Sure enough, her dad told her to do it. Ah, well. It was nice... Continue Reading →

Oldies but goodies

Most of my magazine mates have drifted away, as they do when you leave an industry.¬†We "like" the occasional photo each other posts on Facebook, but that's about it. But I do love a catch up with the old crowd. All those years in the trenches together mean we speak each other's manic language. Two... Continue Reading →

It’s here!

There was much to love about yesterday. I finally got to cuddle the youngest and congratulate her - in person - on her wins when her dad brought her over to get her schooliform and school bag. I also got to examine the medals she's been wearing virtually continuously since the competition ended (apparently even... Continue Reading →

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