Too good to be true

I almost fell off my chair at Norths Leagues Club on Wednesday night when the eldest texted me and asked: “How’s your week been so far?” I’m lucky if she answers my text messages, let alone sends unsolicited ones. Sigh, teenagers. Sure enough, her dad told her to do it. Ah, well. It was nice […]

Oldies but goodies

Most of my magazine mates have drifted away, as they do when you leave an industry. We “like” the occasional photo each other posts on Facebook, but that’s about it. But I do love a catch up with the old crowd. All those years in the trenches together mean we speak each other’s manic language. Two […]

Catching emotional rabies

When the red dog bites its emotional rabies infects me in different ways. Sometimes I’m a bit go eat worms*.  Sometimes I’m angry. Sometimes I cry a lot. It’s been an angry few days, with a few bonus tears. There’s always a dose of irrationality when I get red dog rabies. I try to remind […]

Together alone

They put my bunny down yesterday. Well, she wasn’t my bunny any more. I gave her away when we sold the family home three years ago. My friend who took her sent a message to let me know. She had tumours in her lungs. Poor Bells. Getting that message swept me back to a time […]

She knows

My sister and I are very different but we are very the same. I know she will understand when I tell her about the issues I’m having in my life. I tried to have coffee with her yesterday morning to unload, but she wasn’t available prior to my planned trip to IKEA (they had cool […]

Be grateful there aren’t photos

There are many ways I’d rather start my day than removing a dead blue tongue lizard – rigid with rigor mortis with its intestines hanging out – from beneath the trampoline in my backyard. Many, many ways. That was my yesterday … just be thankful I haven’t included a photo. People seem to share shots […]

I need more him (and her … and them)

Finding time to see anyone other than my kids is a constant challenge as a single mum. I only have the children under my roof eight nights a fortnight, so I prefer not to go out when they’re home. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to juggle. There are work functions I need to attend and […]

It’s here!

There was much to love about yesterday. I finally got to cuddle the youngest and congratulate her – in person – on her wins when her dad brought her over to get her schooliform and school bag. I also got to examine the medals she’s been wearing virtually continuously since the competition ended (apparently even […]

Where did that come from?

I am quite beside myself at the news Team Teal has qualified for the World Skipping Championships in Shanghai. Oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd! I’m not quite sure when Worlds are yet, I think late July 2018. I asked my ex if he knew when he texted the news they’d scored […]

Winning weekend

How was your weekend? Was the weather as gorgeous your way as mine? I took the doggies for a couple of walks, but mainly I waited on the sofa for the ex to send videos of the Team Teal in action at the National Skipping Championships … and then cried every time I watched them. […]