Frog in a sock

One of the fun things about the contracting work I’m currently doing – other than all the brainstorming – is that the audience I’m targeting is ME: women around the age of 40-60. I sit there each day thinking: what do I want to read about? It’s a big change from wondering: what do bottle […]

System crash

I only have one speed – full on – and my batteries went flat on Saturday. I didn’t sleep much last week between fretting about my mammogram, stressing over work and wrangling the logistics of having no kitchen or lounge room due to the floors being sanded. I should have said no when the youngest […]

So much chaos

It’s the third night that we’ve been without a kitchen or living room and I’m getting a bit jack of having to circumnavigate the house every time I need something. It’s also a bit of a bore having the fridge in the hallway with a toaster on the floor beside it as my only source […]

Rush job

Excuse the state of today’s blog post, it’s a bit of a half-arsed shambles. Life has been too hectic. I sweatily rushed around yesterday morning trying to erect barricades to keep the dogs off the floorboards while the new polish is drying. Then I hooned off to do a solid eight hours of contracting work, […]

Not so dense

I had a mammogram yesterday. I’ve been fretting about my right boob for the past 10 days, ever since I bent down to shave my legs in the shower and felt a sore spot near my armpit as it rested on my knee. The soreness has been migrating its way around my boob ever since. […]

The seltzer workout

I walk with my friend Mel on Monday nights and we decided make Dan Murphy’s our destination last night. #badmoms I’ve been bending Mel’s ear about my fondness for low-cal alcoholic seltzer and she wanted me to show her around the seltzer section so she could pick up a few good ones to take on […]

Escaping the blue

Three weeks after going into lockdown with his mum on December 21, DD was finally free to leave the Northern Beaches at midnight on Saturday. It was a bugger that both of us weren’t working for most of his seclusion and it’s felt like an eternity since I was allowed to cross the Narrabeen Bridge. […]

Life goes on

The ordinary life I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post doesn’t seem too bad in light of the events that transpired after I pressed “publish”. I didn’t realize as I blithely blathered about my dull life that Trump supporters were attempting to overthrow democracy in the US. And I immediately wished I could press “unpublish” when […]

Ordinary life

I can’t believe I’m saying this in the midst of a global pandemic (and the riots in Washington WTF), but my life has been a bit dull lately. With DD in lockdown and the kids spending their school holidays either away with their dad or in bed, there hasn’t been much to write about at […]

Returning to Capeside

One of my favourite TV shows from the 90s, Dawson’s Creek, has arrived on Netflix and I’ve hooked the youngest onto it. I figured if she was obsessed with Gilmour Girls – she’s watched every season of the show at least twice – she’d enjoy this coming of age show too. Kevin Williamson, the show’s […]