How you live your dash

Where do you stand on funerals? Have you made plans for your own? While I love planning so many areas of my life, my funeral isn't one of them. I'm perfectly happy for there not to be one at all, since I'll be dead and won't notice. But the thing about funerals is that they're... Continue Reading →

Now that’s love

The eldest was showing us photos of his tongue piercing recovery progress during dinner last night. They were gross ... really, really gross. He's been photographing the healing process daily and I didn't see much improvement on day five, although he's finally managing firmer foods after a steady diet of Weet-Bix. Two new plastic piercing... Continue Reading →

Rush job

Excuse the state of today's blog post, it's a bit of a half-arsed shambles. Life has been too hectic. I sweatily rushed around yesterday morning trying to erect barricades to keep the dogs off the floorboards while the new polish is drying. Then I hooned off to do a solid eight hours of contracting work,... Continue Reading →

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