Inappropriate touching

I got my hair coloured yesterday afternoon. As I lay back having my hair washed afterwards, the handsome young assistant gave me a luxurious, slow, sensuous head massage. And you know what I thought, as my nails bit into the leatherette of the chair and my teeth clenched … JUST FARKING HURRY UP! I didn’t […]

Unbearably sad

I write this blog with a heavy heart. My husband’s great grandfather has passed away. He was 94 and he’d had a good life. But it still makes me unbearably sad. I ache for his daughter, who was sitting by his bedside reading to him when he died and is bereft. I ache for his […]

9 more awesome loot bags

  Loot bags, goodie bags, party bags, lolly bags … whatever you call them they’ve been the runaway surprise hit on my blog. Since I posted my first 10  Amazing Loot Bags in November last year it’s gone on to be my sixth most popular post of all time. So naturally it needed a follow-up. […]

20 awesome (painted) pregnant bellies

Often, I read advice on how to grow your blog followers. It invariably suggests sticking to a theme and not straying far from it. It seems the key to success is being known for SOMETHING not EVERYTHING. I am not very good at sticking to a theme. Especially when I am fatigued from two days […]

Send me to the knackery

I moaned about getting up at the crack of dawn yesterday for Royal Baby Watch, but it wasn’t actually a hardship. It’s lying in bed that’s the problem. I’ve had a screwed up left shoulder for a month now, so I can’t lie on my left side. My dental misery has now shifted to both […]