All glittery with anger

Ex-Husband called me from a pay phone yesterday to confess he’s left the country on a “mini-break.” Well … I’m guessing he’s left the country because of the pay phone and the fact he informed me later in the conversation he could only be reached via text or email. And you can guess the identity […]

All by myself

It’s been a weird weekend. The reality of not having the kids around for most of the school holidays has hit home. It’s made my mood swing around a bit. Well, to be honest, it’s not just because the kids are gone. But I’ve been relying on them to keep my new life centered. When […]

He wants me to do WHAT?

I was supposed to scrub the bathroom yesterday – my first foray into cleaning for oooooh about a decade, geez it’s a tough life being a single mum who can no longer afford a cleaner – but I got sucked into the vortex that is RSVP instead. Things got particularly interesting just after lunch when a […]

RSVP for beginners

A male friend has been badgering me to join RSVP. He reckons I’m “ready” and messaged me yesterday saying: “looking forward to hearing some progress from you on your to-do list.” Top of his to-do list: create a RSVP profile. I’m not sure that I am ready to go on RSVP. But I’ve signed up […]

Something fishy

I spend a lot of time trawling the internet every day, looking for inspiration for “travel fluff” stories for And yesterday I stumbled across something I just have to share with you. Back in 2011, a Japanese artist collaborative known as Kingyobu started turning Osaka’s old, obselete phone booths into giant goldfish aquariums. How awesome […]

Thank you Dr Pinky

There’s a fabulous blogger called Pinky Poinker who you really must follow. She regales you with stories about her primary school students, who can do amazing things like stuff their lobes inside their ear canals, and about plants sending her messages in bars. A Pinky blog never fails to raise my spirits. Yesterday she wrote […]

My life is weirding me out

It’s surreal to burrow your toes in the wet sand one minute – as the northern sun warms your face – then tunnel through the dark suburbs of Sydney on a commuter train the next. It felt all … forgive the wanky word … discombobulating … to be back in Sydney last night. I was […]

Not like me at all

It wasn’t my idea of swimming weather yesterday. A few showers and a struggle to 22C. My idea of swimming weather is 38C. Hence it’s a rare occurrence – a bit like when Brigadoon comes. But I thought, bugger it, I’m staying across the road from the ocean, it would be a crime not go […]

Walking on sunshine

I am here. The day stretches gloriously before me, filled with no particular plans other than a walk on that lovely beach and hunting down a takeaway shop reputed to serve Australia’s best burger. It feels good … And a little naughty, since Monday mornings are usually spent hustling to the train station and going […]