All glittery with anger

Ex-Husband called me from a pay phone yesterday to confess he's left the country on a "mini-break." Well ... I'm guessing he's left the country because of the pay phone and the fact he informed me later in the conversation he could only be reached via text or email. And you can guess the identity... Continue Reading →

All by myself

It's been a weird weekend. The reality of not having the kids around for most of the school holidays has hit home. It's made my mood swing around a bit. Well, to be honest, it's not just because the kids are gone. But I've been relying on them to keep my new life centered. When... Continue Reading →

Something fishy

I spend a lot of time trawling the internet every day, looking for inspiration for "travel fluff" stories for And yesterday I stumbled across something I just have to share with you. Back in 2011, a Japanese artist collaborative known as Kingyobu started turning Osaka’s old, obselete phone booths into giant goldfish aquariums. How awesome... Continue Reading →

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