Vivid memories

Full disclosure: Vivid 2017 wasn't - as my youngest would say - my favourite. But it was still pretty magical. I love a sparkly light. I may have mentioned my only disappointment with my wedding prep (aside from failing to book a cab to the ceremony) was that there weren't enough fairylights. I loooooooove fairy... Continue Reading →

Tiptoeing on the edge of tragedy

A couple of friends shared an article on my Facebook feed over the weekend called "The Silent Tragedy Affecting Today's Children" - which sounds rather melodramatic, but was actually scarily spot-on. According to the author, Victoria Prooday, Our children are in a devastating emotional state.  1 in 5 children has mental health problems  43% increase in ADHD... Continue Reading →

Princess Bitchface

There was much consternation in the Household last night when my daughters discovered a book called "Princess Bitchface Syndrome 2.0" by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg sitting on the kitchen bench. My ex gave it to me as a potential handbook for the difficult years ahead. Apparently you're not supposed to let your kids know you have... Continue Reading →

The joy factor

When was the last time you felt joy? It happened for me on Sunday, as I ran into the surf. It was glorious. My heart expanded - as it always does - and the laughter burst out. Actually, there was joy yesterday too, as I drove home from a diversity&inclusion@drinks council meeting held at Luna... Continue Reading →

He owes you nothing

I should be immune, given my scandalous history, but clickbait can still lure me into its sticky web. Mamamia sent me an email on Saturday entitled: "Karl Stefanovic owes you nothing." I couldn't help clicking on the link. It was WORD. Actually, on second glance, it was mainly the heading that was WORD. The article... Continue Reading →

What’s inside my head

I got Herrmann profiled yesterday as part of a project I'm reporting on for work. It's a tool to help understand your thinking style. A bloke called Ned Herrmann developed it and it's spookily accurate. You answer 120 questions about yourself (blardy hell) and it creates a personalised chart explaining your brain processes. Here's mine... Continue Reading →

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