The joy factor

When was the last time you felt joy?

It happened for me on Sunday, as I ran into the surf. It was glorious. My heart expanded – as it always does – and the laughter burst out.

Actually, there was joy yesterday too, as I drove home from a diversity&inclusion@drinks council meeting held at Luna Park. KISS came on the radio … I Was Made For Lovin’ You … so I turned it up REALLY loud, sang and air guitared along the freeway.

That was pretty fab too.

The afterglow lingered for ages. When I collected the eldest from art class, the owner of the gallery noted how sparkly I seemed.

Those joyful moments remind me that I’m going to be just fine, despite the salty tears that sometimes/often clog my eyes. Just a few years ago I’d forgotten what joy felt like.

I wrote a blog post that asked: “Are you happy? Are you unhappy? Are you sure? How can you tell? I think there should be a pill that people take – just once, mid-life – that shows what true happiness feels like.”

I later realised I was asking those question because I was so UNhappy that I’d lost perspective.

These days I laugh – and feel joy – a lot. So, while things might get me (briefly) down, I know I’m back on track.

I’ve found a path back to child-like enthusiasm too. I giggle as I blow raspberries on the youngest’s neck when I’m saying goodnight. I’m giddy to picnic on a cliff overlooking the sea and photograph daisies perched nearby. I get hyper imagining how I’ll celebrate my 50th birthday next year. I research “private islands for sale in the South Pacific under $5million” on the internet and ponder which one I should buy when I win the lottery. I can’t wait to explore – and exclaim over – the pretty lights at Vivid.

I worry that we forget what joy feels like – and how to experience it – in the fog of getting through the days.

I still get plenty of fog, but the sun manages to break through and remind me that my life is precious and filled with fortune (unfortunately not the $$$ kind, bummer).

Now, I know you’re not the chattiest bunch, but I really would like to know about a recent joyful moment in your life.

Song of the day: Kiss “I was made for lovin’ you”




6 thoughts on “The joy factor

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  1. Anytime I hear my daughter practice her saxophone (which is most mornings!). She plays lots of jazz tunes which I adore. Never imagined that I would be so lucky as to have a jazz playing, funky daughter. What an absolute gift. When you decide you want a ‘baby’ you cant fathom the human beings they are going to become.

  2. I am having one of the most joyful times of my life right now!
    Traveling in this ancient land makes my heart sing every day….I have fallen in love with Scotland and the North of England!
    The people that live here, and that I talk to, simply have no idea how much history and beauty they have on their doorsteps!
    I’m so glad I am doing this…😊

  3. A kid in my class used to cry every time we went to the library. He couldn’t read and the library was clearly traumatising for him. He’s turned a corner and came up to me a couple of weeks ago and told me he really wants to practise and practise because he knows if he reads more he will get better and better and will ‘learn stuff’. That was a truly joyous moment for me.

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