The MOST beautiful memories

There were moments during my weekend in the Margaret River when my jaw would literally drop at the beauty of the scenery. Put it on your bucket list. In pen. I can't believe I tried to talk DD out of driving down from Perth. We only had three days for the trip, I thought we... Continue Reading →

And then it was over

It feels like FOREVER since I was in Sydney, but it's only been three weeks. I suppose that's the mark of a good holiday! But I am eager to be home. Not eager for home to be a shambolic, half renovated mess with no children in it for another week, but ready to be back... Continue Reading →

Swiss frank

Today's post is an educational one. It's about ways to avoid being bankrupted by a stay in Switzerland. I discovered most of the tips retrospectively. Bummer. Switzerland is a very beautiful country, but also a VERY expensive one. Very, very, very expensive. You know how your local pub has a $10 schnitty special on Tuesdays?... Continue Reading →

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