Love on the rebound

Love on the rebound isn’t supposed to last, but DD and I just celebrated our sixth anniversary this week. When we met, he was only a few weeks out of a nasty relationship break-up and my marriage had ended just six months beforehand, but somehow we made it through. And it often feels like the […]

The end is near

I was convinced my dog was on his last legs yesterday. He couldn’t even walk to the coffee shop. He just kept stopping and refusing to take another step. I had to carry him most of the way. Whenever I put him on the ground he’d stare up at me with sad eyes that seemed […]

Getting it done

A fly on the wall wouldn’t know I was unemployed – I was flat out yesterday. I wrote six stories for Drinks Digest. I worked out how to plug ads into the site. I joined NRMA roadside assist, as my Renault roadside assist is about to expire. I walked to the service centre to collect […]

She’ll be right

I’m a chronic over thinker, so you won’t be surprised to hear I’ve been pondering what my imaginary autobiography should be called. The current favoured title is “My glass half-full life”. I think it sums up my attitude to this rollercoaster. I have my ups, I have my downs, but I never let bitterness take […]

I didn’t want it to end

I had such a lovely weekend. I didn’t want it to end and normal life to begin again. I went to Fingal Bay, in Port Stephens, with some old friends. They head there every Easter for a week and I’ve been admiring their happy snaps for years, so they organised for me to enjoy the […]

Escape plan

Unaware that I was about to be retrenched, I booked a few getaways last month. I handed in my leave forms about an hour before I got the chop. I got the month wrong on one of them and my boss came over to my desk to query it, which seems a bit odd in […]

Anything and nothing

The youngest came home from school and announced she’d applied to be an exchange student in Sweden. I stared at her in horror. She took umbrage with my horror and wanted to know why I wasn’t excited for her. Because Europe is riddled with COVID-19, that’s why. Sweden alone had almost 9000 cases from October […]

I need a favour

When bad things happen in my life, I cut my hair off. Giving it the chop was high on the agenda when my marriage ended, just below sobbing in the shower. (Speaking of sobbing in the shower, Mrs Woog echoed how I felt many times during the peri-menopause years in her most recent blog post […]

A bit lost

There was no routine to follow yesterday, so I felt a bit lost. Monday mornings were already a bit of a challenge for me, even before I was retrenched. The kids spend every Sunday night at their dad’s place, so I always wake to an empty house. It’s a strange feeling and I don’t like […]

Big dreams

“It’s not often someone texts you a picture of a half-finished toilet followed by poetry,” DD noted yesterday. I’d sent him this photo of the render in my loo: And I followed it with a few lines from ‘The Bait’, written by my favourite poet, John Donne … “We will some new pleasures prove,Of golden […]