Love on the rebound

Love on the rebound isn't supposed to last, but DD and I just celebrated our sixth anniversary this week. When we met, he was only a few weeks out of a nasty relationship break-up and my marriage had ended just six months beforehand, but somehow we made it through. And it often feels like the... Continue Reading →

The end is near

I was convinced my dog was on his last legs yesterday. He couldn’t even walk to the coffee shop. He just kept stopping and refusing to take another step. I had to carry him most of the way. Whenever I put him on the ground he’d stare up at me with sad eyes that seemed... Continue Reading →

Big dreams

"It's not often someone texts you a picture of a half-finished toilet followed by poetry," DD noted yesterday. I'd sent him this photo of the render in my loo: And I followed it with a few lines from 'The Bait', written by my favourite poet, John Donne ... “We will some new pleasures prove,Of golden... Continue Reading →

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