He’s a good man

I’m heading to Newcastle tonight. It’s been a loooooooong time between visits. My friend Megz needs my house again for the weekend, this time as a base her daughter while she competes in the 2017 NSW Country SC Championships. I figure it’s the tiniest of good deeds I can do when I avoid charity collectors […]

You couldn’t make that crap up

It’s annoying how Piscean I’ve become with age. In my younger years I didn’t relate to those wishy washy characteristics AT ALL. I was driven, good with money, practical and hated swimming. (I also didn’t have much faith in star signs after working at a magazine where the astrologer was an alcoholic. She often didn’t […]

Therapeutic yelling

I indulged in a little foot-stomping activism this week. There was a public meeting at my local community hall about the NSW Government making both sides of my street a seven-day-a-week clearway. People are very, very upset about the clearway idea, even the ones who don’t live on my street because they still want to […]

There are ghosts in my house

Every Monday night there are ghosts in my house. I wake each Monday morning to silence … well, aside from the garbage trucks smashed their way down the street at 5am. The kids stay at their dad’s place from Sunday night until Tuesday morning. There’s no before-school band rehearsal, no lunches to prepare. I unpack […]

I hope its not broken

I was going to take the week off from blogging as I’m feeling a little mojo low. But I woke up this morning and there was so much I needed to tell you. It’s only been a few days since I’ve talked at you, but it feels like an eternity and I wanted to fill […]

So I cried. And I gave up

It feels very lonely being a single mum sometimes. So much responsibility rests entirely on your shoulders. And sometimes the smallest of those responsibilities can be a tipping point. I had one of those moments yesterday. My stupid new car has been flashing messages at me for weeks about needing more oil. As far as […]

Subbing out the heart

I was sad to learn yesterday that Pacific Magazines is retrenching most of its sub-editors. In an email addressed to staff obtained by Mumbrella, CEO Gereurd Roberts (who I remember as a young whippersnapper at NW … I’m constantly startled to see the word “CEO” in front of his name) said the company was considering […]

He’ll walk to the ends of the earth for you

It was Father’s Day in the US and UK yesterday – my Instagram feed was flooded with cute snapshots. My favourites were the celebrity mums who gave shout outs to the baby daddies who are no longer their partners. Among those who tagged their exes with sweet messages were Drew Barrymore, Christie Brinkley, Elizabeth Hurley […]

Hairy subjects

I adore my hairdresser. And not just because he cuts my hair so well. Mark and I have been “together” for about 20 years. What I’ve grown to love more than anything is that I’ve become what you might call my “true self” with him in recent times. I’m not quite sure what it is […]

Rebel with a cause

My stomach lurched when Rebel Wilson won her defamation trial against Bauer Media yesterday. It was just so huge. I can’t imagine how the editors involved must be feeling, wondering what it means for their futures. The judge won’t decide what damages to award until a later date, but I expect they will be astronomical. […]