He’s a good man

I'm heading to Newcastle tonight. It's been a loooooooong time between visits. My friend Megz needs my house again for the weekend, this time as a base her daughter while she competes in the 2017 NSW Country SC Championships. I figure it's the tiniest of good deeds I can do when I avoid charity collectors... Continue Reading →

You couldn’t make that crap up

It's annoying how Piscean I've become with age. In my younger years I didn't relate to those wishy washy characteristics AT ALL. I was driven, good with money, practical and hated swimming. (I also didn't have much faith in star signs after working at a magazine where the astrologer was an alcoholic. She often didn't... Continue Reading →

Therapeutic yelling

I indulged in a little foot-stomping activism this week. There was a public meeting at my local community hall about the NSW Government making both sides of my street a seven-day-a-week clearway. People are very, very upset about the clearway idea, even the ones who don't live on my street because they still want to... Continue Reading →

Rebel with a cause

My stomach lurched when Rebel Wilson won her defamation trial against Bauer Media yesterday. It was just so huge. I can't imagine how the editors involved must be feeling, wondering what it means for their futures. The judge won’t decide what damages to award until a later date, but I expect they will be astronomical.... Continue Reading →

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