Dirty talk

At one point as a stay-at-home mum I was writing three blog posts a day: one personal, one Hollywood, one recipe. Some might say it was a sign of boredom. I think it was to avoid cleaning. I HATE CLEANING SO MUCH. Hate. Hate. Hate. It’s so freaking pointless. No sooner do you do it […]

These guys are my divorce heroes

Can you imagine posing – with your ex – for a smiling selfie outside the family court to celebrate your divorce? I can’t. The idea unsettles me, despite how focussed I am on positive co-parenting for the sake of my kids. But I’m incredibly impressed by this mum who did. Shannon Neuman has gone viral with her […]

The kids want to do WHAT?

The youngest’s skipping club held a fundraiser last night – a viewing of That Sugar Film. Not exactly a hit with the under 10s … a VERY restless audience. Surprise! Not a surprise … The other – real – surprise was the reaction my kids had when we left the hall: they both wanted to give […]

Make it go away!

Hormones. Suck. Big. Time. Oh, they have their uses. I mean I wouldn’t want to NOT have them. But geez they put me through the wringer every month. Yesterday was baaaaaaaaad. I wrote about my hormonal hell many moons ago, in a post called Warning: This one’s about PMT. It went like this … Like […]

Subbing for your boyfriend

I was up until all hours last night (10pm in Alana World) subbing a trade journal article for DD. DD finds my turn of phrase very amusing – he tells me “subbing” is short for doing the 50 Shades of Grey-style submissive thing. I. Did. Not. Know. That. Did you? Subbing has nothing to do […]

My “disaster” life

My mum is really upset about my “disaster” life. I had it all – a husband, two gorgeous daughters, a nice house in a fancy suburb, money in the bank, a high-profile job … Then everything fell apart. I still have the two kids, but the rest is gone. When Mum railed to me about […]

My worries washed away

The weather was crazy in my part of the world over the weekend – Saturday was hot and sunny, 25 degrees in August!! Then Sunday dawned rainy and miz. When I saw what global warming had planned for my Saturday I was determined to make the most of it. So I started Googling beachside cafes […]