More goodbyes

The dismantling of my old life continues. On Saturday, the chooks went to their new home. My sister-in-law has graciously agreed to adopt my feathered friends. I just had to catch them and shove them into boxes for the trip … that was fun and games. Mad chooks squawking and tangling their claw in my […]

Pot pie bliss

Making my own pastry last week was a revelation: you just chuck some flour, butter and water in a food processor for a few seconds and voila! Thank you Jamie Oliver’s Save With Jamie for the suggestion. Let me rewind: I made my poorly youngest chicken noodle soup and was wondering what to do with […]

Hell hath no fury

It’s been an angry week for me. Well, the first few days were pretty fab, but it went steeply downhill from Wednesday onwards. I am trying to swallow the hate and focus on the love, but geez it’s freaking hard sometimes. Yesterday Husband asked me about minding the kids for a long weekend so he […]

Trapped and teary

The youngest has been sick for seven days now and I’m going slightly mad. I’m also running out of things to blog about because all I do is sit around the house watching crappy kids’ movies. OK, I’m exaggerating slightly: it was Husband who got stuck with carer duties on Saturday night, Sunday and Monday. […]

House leaves home (again)

After six months of stay-at-home motherhood and a separation, House is leaving home again for the workplace. I signed a new employment contract yesterday. I’ll also be leaving my actual home (forever) in 5 weeks. We’re scheduled to settle the sale of the house on August 1 and I have no idea where I’ll go […]

Makes my heart skip

There was a mini-revolt in the playground last Friday when my youngest daughter was off sick. Every Thursday night she and three of her friends go to skipping training in a nearby suburb, armed with fists full of money they’ve been given to buy skipping ropes for kids at their school. The youngest marched out […]

High (stakes) anxiety

  Geezy louisey yesterday was a cracker in the stress stakes. I sold my house, the youngest came down with a vomiting bug and I got the results of my diabetes test. I also waited – and waited – for a work contract to arrive in my in-box … more about that later … While […]