10 slow-cooker dinners I fancy this winter

It’s more than a little ironic that I’m blogging about food today. I went to the school fundraiser last night and whaled out on the bubbles. Even the thought of cooking makes me shudder, let alone eating the results. And in 30 short minutes my friend Alice will be picking me up for a pump session at the gym. Groan …

So creativity has been chucked out the window and I’m whipping out a little round-up to get me through the day.

I blogged my favourite slow-cooker recipes a few weeks ago and it went nuts! Obviously everyone’s in the mood for dishes you can toss into the crockpot for the day and forget about.

It’s also lovely to come home to all those delicious smells.

Here are 10 slow-cooker recipes I’ve spotted around the web that I can’t wait to try … when my stomach stops churning …


1. Martha Stewart’s Lamb With Olives And Potatoes

I love the look (and sound) of this recipe, click her for the lowdown on how to make it. Mmmmmm.

2. Anna Gare’s Bloody Mary Lamb Shoulder


There are cheaper ways to cook a lamb shoulder that tipping a bottle of vodka in the slow-cooker, but I’m intrigued by the idea! Click here for the recipe, which includes Tabasco, tomato and vodka, just like a Bloody Mary!

3. Half Baked Harvest’s Beer Braised Chicken


Continuing the alcoholic slow-cooking theme – this beer braised dish sounds scrummy. Click here for the fun details on making it. 

4. Real Simple’s Chicken with Bacon and Onions


After 23 years without piggy dinners (due to Husband’s stance on pork), I’m looking forward to a winter filled with the stuff. Get the recipe here. 

5. Taste’s Duck Ragu with Pappardelle


Ohhhhh how I love duck. This recipe sounds delish. Click here to check it out. 

6. SBS’s Pork Neck Cooked In Milk


Normally I’d be grossed out by this dish – even the SBS site says it’s “not the prettiest dish in the world, but that’s all forgiven as soon as you taste it.” A friend assures me it’s delicious, so I’m keen to give it a try. Click here for the recipe. 

7. Women’s Weekly’s Lamb Shank Pies


Don’t these look yum? My kids are obsessed with pastry – they’d go mad for this recipe. Click here for the lowdown on making them.

8. Cook Republic’s Oriental Pork with Mandarins


Cook Republic describes this as “A gorgeous chuck-me-in-the-slow-cooker-and-forget-about-me recipe full of lovely Asian flavours and elevated by the use of fresh sweet mandarins and juicy pork.” Sounds pretty good, huh? Click here for the recipe. 

9. Food Network’s Macaroni Cheese

Slow Cooker Macaroni & Cheese

OK, I’m adding this one for pure novelty factor – I had no idea you could make pasta dishes in a slow-cooker. Click here to see how it’s done. 

10. The Perfect Pantry’s Chocolate and Nutella bread pudding


One for the sweet tooths … recipe here. 

Oh, and for 8 of my tried-and-true slow-cooker recipes, like this Osso Bucco click here.


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