Welcome to the hothouse

I promised you a more light-hearted post today, so I’m ending the year by announcing the launch of my new website, called HotHouse Communications. It’s mainly just a page that sums up the freelance work I do at night … and days and weekends over the past few months. I thought I needed to give […]

What is the new normal?

Australia stands at a difficult crossroads in its fight against COVID-19. I look at the situation in the US and despair: California surpassed two million cases on Christmas Eve. Christmas gatherings in the US will no doubt fuel further cases – there were estimates that 85 million people would travel during the festive season. A […]

Too many lemons

A friend commented after reading about my festive fun on Christmas Day that I’d “certainly made lemonade out of lemons”. She’s right, I had an unexpectedly fabulous time. But it became a lemon glut at 11am yesterday, with the news that the northern part of the Northern Beaches will be locked down until January 9. […]

Escaping the rat race

There’s a lot of pressure involved in keeping a child’s sick pet alive while they’re on holidays. The youngest still hasn’t let me forget that I killed her Siamese Fighting Fish many years ago. I’ve been giving the eldest’s pet rat antibiotics and liquid Ventolin twice a day, as opposed to my normal practice of […]

Wonderful surprises

Was your Christmas impacted by COVID-19 restrictions? Did you manage to have a good day? I was reminded about #gratitude by this rather confronting post in my Facebook feed: On a happier note, I was also reminded yesterday that people are – on balance – awesome. My faith in humanity has been a bit rattled […]

Christmas tears & silver linings

I cried buckets last night about the kids leaving and not being allowed to see DD. I rang NSW Health to confirm I can’t visit my Northern Beaches residing partner on Christmas Day. After being on hold for ages, someone told me that while I could go to his place on compassionate grounds, I would […]

Pragmatic goodbyes

A friend noted yesterday that I was being very pragmatic about my “super weird” Christmas. Yeah, kinda. I’m feeling less and less pragmatic about it as it approaches. Yesterday was spent in isolation waiting for COVID results. I tapped away on the computer – I still have a few contracting jobs on the boil – […]

Start over

I bought myself a little sunflower in a pot from the local fruit shop yesterday. Christmas week needs a little sunshine in it. It was good to hear there were only 15 extra COVID cases in Sydney yesterday, though a bit of a worry that five people caught it at a hairdressing salon in Turramurra. […]

Locked out

Bloody COVID has really screwed things up again, with so many people’s Christmas plans thrown into disarray. I feel very sorry for the Northern Beaches band that’s been targeted by trolls. There’s no indication they’ve done anything wrong, but that hasn’t stopped people bombarding them with abuse. I am so curious to learn how COVID […]