Too many lemons

A friend commented after reading about my festive fun on Christmas Day that I'd "certainly made lemonade out of lemons". She’s right, I had an unexpectedly fabulous time. But it became a lemon glut at 11am yesterday, with the news that the northern part of the Northern Beaches will be locked down until January 9.... Continue Reading →

Start over

I bought myself a little sunflower in a pot from the local fruit shop yesterday. Christmas week needs a little sunshine in it. It was good to hear there were only 15 extra COVID cases in Sydney yesterday, though a bit of a worry that five people caught it at a hairdressing salon in Turramurra.... Continue Reading →

Locked out

Bloody COVID has really screwed things up again, with so many people’s Christmas plans thrown into disarray. I feel very sorry for the Northern Beaches band that's been targeted by trolls. There's no indication they've done anything wrong, but that hasn't stopped people bombarding them with abuse. I am so curious to learn how COVID... Continue Reading →

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