Christmas tears & silver linings

I cried buckets last night about the kids leaving and not being allowed to see DD.

I rang NSW Health to confirm I can’t visit my Northern Beaches residing partner on Christmas Day. After being on hold for ages, someone told me that while I could go to his place on compassionate grounds, I would have to self-isolate afterwards.

Rules are rules, but it sucks that two people who definitely don’t have COVID – he’s had two negative tests just to be sure – can’t see each other.

I know people are trying to be helpful by telling me to make the most of the “me” time by reading books and watching movies, but please stop. I especially don’t want to hear it from anyone who will be spending the day with their kids/partner.

However, there are some silver linings.

I finished my Christmas shopping before the lockdown dramas so I’ve mostly been able to cocoon peacefully at home rather than running the gauntlet of shopping centres. I think it’s my least stressed Christmas ever.

I had a Zoom call with DD on Tuesday night and it was sooooooooo nice to finally see his handsome face.

The positive COVID results for Sydney yesterday were super low.

I went for a lovely bushwalk and chitter chat with my friend Wendy yesterday afternoon.

I successfully mastered mixing medications for the sick rat and administering them under the watchful eye of the eldest before he headed off for Christmas … wearing knee-high black and white striped socks, white furry legwarmers and shiny black platform boots.

The kids are having a fantastic time with their cousins. (I may have said to my ex when he asked if I wanted to open my Christmas present from the kids before they left that I would wait until Christmas morning so I would have something to do when I woke up alone #poorme #sadface.)

I’ve been invited to spend Christmas Eve eating oysters and drinking Champagne in my sister’s spa tonight.

As you may have noticed in my blog post yesterday, oysters and Champagne have “umami synergy”.

Some very kind people have asked me to spend Christmas with them. I am weighing up whether I would rain on their parade with my bleakness, but I am touched that people are thinking of me.

I hope there are silver linings in your Christmas too, despite all the pandemic setbacks.

I haven’t decided how much blogging I will be doing over the next few days, I could be a bit bored on my lonesome, will advise.

Merry Christmas and virtual hugs to you all.

Song of the day: Band Aid “Do they know it’s Christmas?”

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  1. Here in London we are also not to mix with any other household. I shed a lot of tears at the weekend when I realized I would not see any family.
    I do have a little plan. I have bought my favourite things to cook with, I am sure I will do a little reading, and I will meet a friend for a walk (we are allowed to meet one person outdoors), and speak to family on the phone.
    I am also going to host CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL CLUB so that any of us who are alone can have some fun together.
    It’s going to be a strange weekend!

    1. I have to keep reminding myself that we are very lucky in Australia. Take care and enjoy the cocktail club and your walk. I’m about to head off to the beach, despite it being a bit overcast and cool, to get some ocean therapy.

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