50-year-old men are really hot

I’ve got this thing for older men. It’s weird, because I wasn’t previously wired this way. I’ve always drooled over the pretty boys. But I’m finding 50-year-old men increasingly attractive. And the Zac Efrons of this world are leaving me cold.

Is it some random symptom of peri-menopause that no-one’s thought to mention?

Mind you, 50-year-old men don’t look like 50-year-old men any more.

Remember being twentysomething and thinking 50-year-olds looked like grandpas? You wouldn’t have shagged one in a pink fit. Well, maybe if it was Sean Connery or Harrison Ford. But they were the rarest of exceptions.

These days, delectable 50-year-old celebrities are a dime a dozen. Colin Firth, Viggo Mortensen, Johnny Depp (ok, he’s 49) even Tom Cruise looks pretty fine for someone in his fifth decade (if you can get past the religious nutter thing). And don’t get me started on David Duchovny (mmmmmm, I only wish I could get started on David Duchovny). He’s the hottest of 50-year-old hot. Have I mentioned I got mistaken for his sex-crazed Aussie stalker once? Complete misunderstanding …

But it’s not just celebrities with their Botox, surgical tweaks, pancaked faces and Vaselined lenses that get me going. I see tons of normal half-century blokes and think, “you know, if I wasn’t married and you weren’t married, I’d quite fancy you …”

I suppose it’s inevitable that 50 looks progressively younger as you get progressively older. Put it down to failing eyesight, your contemporaries ageing or men not wearing cardigans and slacks quite as early as they once did (and keep their ear tufts in check).

Then, one day you realise you regard 25-year-olds as “children” rather than objects of lust. Despite that luscious “V” they get around their lower abs when they work out …

Oooooh yeah … I used to love that bit of 25-year-olds.

I thought younger men were sooooo cute. These days “cute” is a term I reserve for my kids and bunnies.

I wonder if men feel the same way about 50-year-old women? Husband reckons they do. I can’t help doubting him or thinking he’s the minority. I also suspect most 50-year-old men look at 25-year-old women and think “just right” not “child”. Which is a bit sad, really, as I spiral towards my next significant birthday.

So I’m being extra nice to my ruggedly handsome, four-years-off-50 Husband who still seems to think I’m hot. I bought him a case of Peroni and made him osso buco last night (recipe to come this arvo), to show how much I cared. Well, to be completely honest, it was so he didn’t tempt me off Oct-Sober by opening another bottle of wine, but I reckon it still counts for something.


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  1. jimmy barnes is surprisingly spry for his age… hoping his big bro john swan is as well – guna b front row for that show next week!!!

  2. Oh this is so true for me too! It’s something I’ve been noticing over the past couple of years, that if I happen to notice a man on the street “in that way”, he will be at least 40 and probably have greying hair. Which is good, because that’s how old I am, and I have greying hair (under the colour), and it just makes sense. I just don’t look at younger men now. (But I still though Zac Efron was gorgeous in ’17 Again’, but that was an exceptional exception.)

  3. I read a article lately that said men who are in their 20s prefer women in their 20s. Men in their 30s, 40s and 50s prefer 20 year old women specifically. It is because the body type that borders on appearing “malnourished” gives a psychologically appearance of being healthier for child rearing. And yes younger looking is a factor too. But has the same reasoning. I joked that it’s nice to know we apparently expire at 30 yrs . ..Lol.

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