Spanish fly

Back in Singapore after our Spanish adventure, a question looms large: Would I take the Sprogs on another long-haul flight? The spontaneous answer: Not for a bloody long time. Ok, they endured the flights far better than me (those overnighters are so brutal, they might put me off international travel permanently. I'm hoping its like... Continue Reading →

Can’t start a fire without a spark …

Remember cracker night when you were a kid? A bonfire on the neighbourhood spare block, awe as dads light Catherine wheels, squeals as teenagers let off double bungers ... Then the government spoilt everyone's fun and banned backyard fireworks because they were "dangerous" and could blow people's hands off and stuff. Barcelona begs to differ.... Continue Reading →

Me got wiffy!

Ah Barcelona, I knew I'd love you, even if you didn't have "wiffy". Fortunately "wiffy" is up there with kettles and bathrooms on the accommodation essentials list these days. Our host Biggi (short for something unpronounceable, apparently) proffered our precious "wiffy" code with our keys. God bless you Biggi. Immediately after checking the "wiffy" connection... Continue Reading →

Excess baggage

Sometimes it's nice to spend a few hours talking about the Sprogs rather than with them .... And so Husband and I passed a pleasant evening together at a fancy hotel restaurant down the road from our holiday house. Husband's best friend, who's been sharing the house and his truculent two-year-old with us for the... Continue Reading →

Totally sick holidays, part 4

Sprog 1 started pissing blood yesterday (that vomit fountain wasn't caused by Fartons, palm oil-fried crackers, bananas, a virus or car sickness after all). Going by how challenging it was to get a beer from the apathetic and non-English-speaking hotel staff, I didn't anticipate getting medical assistance would be a walk in the park. After finally wrestling the front desk guy's attention from his constant mobile phoning, only... Continue Reading →

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