Accidental body attack

I’ve been trying … but usually failing … to get to the gym more often to shake off the spare tyre and back injury. So I bolted out of the office at noon yesterday for a quickie 30-minute pump class at my local gym. Except I got the time wrong. The class is at 12.15pm […]

Making lemonade

The “Top up oil levels” message started flashing on my Renault Captur AGAIN this week. That’s four months after the last time the service centre poured a vat of oil into it and assured me they’d fixed the problem. We’re talking about a car that’s less than three years old and first started bleating about […]

The final straw

You really don’t want to cross me at the moment, I’m cranky as. Ten days is a loooooong time to feel crook and not sleep properly. I’ve been averaging four or five hours at night with a stint of insomnia around the 1am mark. I added a bout of anxiety about Father’s Day into the […]

Why I buy my ex a Father’s Day gift

This isn’t a treatise about how buying your ex a Father’s Day gift makes you a/the better person. It’s a warning about what happens when you’re a helicopter control freak. I buy my ex a Father’s Day gift each year because I’ve parented two children to their teens who are completely  disinterested in the gift-buying […]

Painting the right picture

It was a hazy shade of winter kinda weekend. A little drizzly, a little grey, a little out of kilter … and I was still a little poorly. I kicked it off by cooking my friend Megz and her swimming champ daughter dinner on Friday night. They’d travelled down from Newcastle for the SNSW 13 & […]

Don’t take that away from me

It’s been quite the week: from the highs of Kathleen Folbigg being granted an inquiry into her convictions … to the lows of the youngest’s scratch-covered body being examined at the dermatologist’s office … and all the blah in-between bits of having a bad back and nasty virus and the eldest catching it from me. […]

This is HUGE

You’ve probably heard the news: NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman has announced an inquiry into the conviction of Kathleen Folbigg. I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard he was finally holding a press conference about Kathy’s Petition at 2.30pm yesterday. I was so scared he was going to announce there wouldn’t be an inquiry. I […]

It finally got me

Ever since Shanghai, there’s been a lurgy lurking around, waiting to rumble me. My throat has felt weird and my eyes have been sore hollows for weeks. It finally decided to make its move on Sunday and I’ve felt dreadful ever since. Yesterday was mostly spent in bed, dozing and coughing and coughing and dozing. […]

Trying to be wise

“Think about what’s bothering you most and why” I sent those words to my ex recently when he was struggling with the challenges of parenting a teenager. I hoped I was being wise, but I was probably being obtuse. What I was trying to say is that sometimes we don’t realise the real reason we’re […]

So near and yet so far

One of DD’s besties joins the big 5-0 club today. Happy birthday Mike! We celebrated the milestone with a five-course degustation dinner in Potts Point on Friday night. Mike’s vegan, so we went to a fancy vego restaurant called Yellow. He’s also an incredibly fit and youthful 50-year-old – I’m presuming that’s why dinner was […]