Accidental body attack

I've been trying ... but usually failing ... to get to the gym more often to shake off the spare tyre and back injury. So I bolted out of the office at noon yesterday for a quickie 30-minute pump class at my local gym. Except I got the time wrong. The class is at 12.15pm... Continue Reading →

Making lemonade

The "Top up oil levels" message started flashing on my Renault Captur AGAIN this week. That's four months after the last time the service centre poured a vat of oil into it and assured me they'd fixed the problem. We're talking about a car that's less than three years old and first started bleating about... Continue Reading →

This is HUGE

You’ve probably heard the news: NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman has announced an inquiry into the conviction of Kathleen Folbigg. I couldn't quite believe it when I heard he was finally holding a press conference about Kathy’s Petition at 2.30pm yesterday. I was so scared he was going to announce there wouldn't be an inquiry. I... Continue Reading →

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