My 2012 annual report

The stats helper monkeys sent me a 2012 annual report for my blog this morning. I thought it was quite fun, so I’m sharing some of the highlights. It included fun facts such as … In 2012, there were 618 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 768 posts. The busiest day of […]

New Year’s Heave

I loved New Year’s Eve when the clock striking midnight was an excuse to snog every bloke within coo-ee. Now, not so much. It’s too crazy, too fraught with small children, too exhausting … and spewing into a rosebush while staggering along a footpath trying to hail a cab is no longer my idea of […]

21 celebrity Christmas snaps

OK, it’s a little belated, but I couldn’t resist sharing some celebrity Twitter pics from the festive season. I’m thinking the New Year’s Eve snaps won’t be quite so wholesome, especially for Ms Rihanna here … Rihanna tweeted: “Santa baby! Hurry down the chimney tonight! Is it too late to be nice?”   Tori Spelling wrote: “Merry Christmas & […]

Happy snaps

Every year or two, Husband’s family go on holiday together. Eight kids and eight adults pack their Thules, pile into their cars and hit the road. Sometimes we drive to middle son’s house in Melbourne, sometimes to the patriach’s in Albury. There have been idyllic stays in townhouses in Port Douglas, a rambling country homestead outside […]

Silent Saturday

OK, maybe a few words. Silence isn’t really my thing. Words just keep bubbling up, like the outdoor spa I’ve been luxuriating in every afternoon … with a plastic goblet of Snow Road sparkling in hand. And this has been my view as I sip. Farewell Matcham Valley. I will miss you. In the words […]

Slumming it

It’s a lurky life working on magazines. Once upon a time, I handed out lipsticks from work “beauty sales” like candy, walked the red carpet movie premieres, even crammed my extended family into an all-expenses-paid apartment – with live giraffes swaying past the balcony – during a “travel junket” to Disneyworld … But those perks […]

Someone Call The Doctor

How was your Christmas Day? Ours was HUGE. Well, I felt huge after eating chocolate almonds, potato chips, cashews, turkey, roast beef, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, Waldorf salad, mixed salad, gravy, pudding, ice cream and custard. And backing up for leftovers plus an extensive cheese plate a mere four hours later. Then there were the […]

Worst gift ever

How’d you fare in the gift stakes? I haven’t opened mine yet, we’re still wading through the excess that Santa delivered. Finding the perfect gift for loved ones is always a little fraught. And I find receiving even trickier, not being the naturally effusive type. Fortunately my relatives put a lot of thought and heart […]

Annus horribilis … And latex Santa dresses

Dear all, It’s hard to believe another year has almost gone. And what a hectic one it’s been for the Household. Fortunately, aside from the latex Christmas outfit getting that little bit tighter, we’re a healthy, happy bunch. But Queen Elizabeth’s immortal Annus Horribilis speech does ring in my ears. To quote our monarch, 2012 […]