Feeding my soul (and my spare tyre)

I've done so many fab things since I last blogged. The eldest and I went to Narrabeen Beach to eat burgers from Two Hungry Bears. Damn they were gooooood. Below is a pic from their Facebook page … The food on the right is loaded scallops, but we didn't have enough room in our bellies... Continue Reading →

Flipping my lid

I flipped my lid at 10.30pm last night. The youngest came out of her bedroom and announced she'd forgotten to put her dirty sport uniform in the load of washing that had just finished spinning. And she needed it by 7.30am this morning. The washing machine can't go back on at 10.30pm at night because... Continue Reading →

Recipe of the week: Berbere roast chicken with eggplant & goat’s cheese

Do you know how they make the chicken in suburban Chinese restaurant stir-fries so soft and moist? I discovered the secret last week and my mind is blown. I learned how to velvet chicken from a post on Tin Eats. You sprinkle sliced chicken breast with bicarb soda, which makes it’s unbelievably tender and juicy.... Continue Reading →

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