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After 20 years in the same workplace and eight years running weekly magazines, I decided to call it quits and spend some time at home with my two kids, eight chooks and a nervous husband. It was heaven on a stick. Best decision ever … until the nervous husband left a few years later … Divorce felt like the end, but it was just the beginning of an amazing new second chapter of my life. Buckle up, there’s never a dull moment!

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  1. Hi Alana, love this!!! I found it while trolling around on facebook (nothing is private!)

  2. I must be technologically challenged as I cant work out how to follow you! the same thing happened when I set up my word press blog and I ended up using a different site but I may just be totally hopeless. love the blog and I think I forgot to say, love what you’ve named it. clever sister

  3. Hi
    Welcome to the Stay at home Mums club where life is never boring, things never get done, yet you find yourself very busy everyday. Those tasks you have set yourself will get done eventually and that will be a sense of achievement. In the meantime, enjoy wondering where the time went and how the hell you are going to fit everything you planned into tomorrow. There is always another tomorrow xxx

  4. Alana, does Stuart know that he has the odd walk-on part to your blog? Do you think he should be told? I don’t, let’s leave him in the dark, with your wine and his sausages. Best of luck with it, it’s very entertaining. Julian

  5. Great Blogwork … Good for you leaving the office after 20 years!!!
    I have 3 children and left teaching after something years and followed my fashion passion. Now have flexi dream job as Myer Stylist Love Love it!
    If you get a minute have a squizz at my blog
    for real everday UnModels ( like us all)
    Blogging is good mum therapy!!
    aa xx
    PS off to buy a Pie Maker as Son No 2 has just turned Vego & I am looking for new inspiration..Vege Pie & sauce!

      1. Yes eggs are still on the list for son 2!!
        That sounds like simple tasty fare…
        will definitely try.
        You know those skinless sausage rolls you make – I copied Jamie Oliver and rolled them into mini meatballs in frypan till crispy on outside, then added good tomato passata etc. Instant Sunday nite spaghetti & delicious mini meatballs…. Back in the days when No 2 ate meat!!!

  6. Hi, I’m just curious, what do you do these days? Are you in writing/editing again? I ask because I’m into writing as well and it’s always nice to meet others who are professionals at this. 🙂

    1. Hi Imperfect Friend, welcome to the blog. I usually write for a living, but I’m thinking about trying something new and just writing on the blog. I’ll see how I go!

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