Recipes of the week: Special fried rice; chili con carne & Creole pumpkin soup

The HotHouse Kitchen focused on two more family favourites this week: fried rice and chili con carne. The eldest has gone off fried rice, but I love it, so he had to suck it up. It's so easy and yummy to make when you use ready steamed packets of rice. As for the chili con... Continue Reading →

Recipe of the week: Sausage, tomato & gnocchi bake

Welcome to week two of The HotHouse Kitchen. This week I'm sharing three recipes: Pepperoni and Avocado Linguine, Sausage, Gnocchi & Tomato Bake and Roast Tomato Soup. The pasta isn't haute, but it's the youngest's favourite thing I cook. I used to make it with bacon, then chorizo, but both are off the table now... Continue Reading →

Hot stuff

DD is getting so svelte he's had to go shopping for smaller pants ... but that's not the hot stuff I'm talking about. (Although I did make him do a reluctant twirl in the Coronary Care Unit at the hospital on Saturday so my mum could check out his fitness progress. She was very impressed.... Continue Reading →

She won!

The youngest is pretty stoked: she's the Pacific region winner of the CBRE Kids' Christmas Card Design Competition. She submitted a Santa drawing she did last year when she was 9, but she won as a 10-year-old. Here it is: The prize is a $100 gift voucher plus the honour of her name being mentioned... Continue Reading →

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