Tired and wired

Attending the 2020 Australian Drinks Awards virtually from my living room yesterday wasn’t quite as glamorous as swanning around a ballroom last year. For a start, I was wearing ugg boots this time around. And one of the dogs started violently retching and vomiting behind me during the ceremony. Fortunately I had a glass of […]

Love hurts

I thought I was heading back to the vet yesterday because Bilbo wouldn’t stop shaking. I was worried he was in pain, but I’m pretty sure it was just anxiety over the builders’ nail gun. I don’t blame him, it’s been intense on the noise front. I had the shaking dog on my lap for […]

Scary out there

Have I mentioned that I live on a VERY busy road? Have I mentioned that the builders don’t know how to close a door or gate? I’m pretty sure I have. Anyways … the builders left yesterday afternoon, I picked Bilbo up from the vet after his rectal surgery and came home to discover some […]

Not the day for it

My office reopened yesterday after being shuttered for almost four months. I’ve been working from home since the youngest got tonsillitis in mid March and the rest of the team departed the building soon after. Talk about unfortunate timing for our return. I don’t know what the weather was like around your way, but it […]

Butt seriously

Nothing ends a weekend with a bang like a blown anal gland. Fortunately not mine. Unfortunately Bilbo the Moxie’s. It’s not the first time it’s happened. I’d blanked out the last time until I saw the current damage. The vet said that because it’s reoccurred Bilbo requires butt surgery. Plus he needs his teeth cleaned. […]

Memories are funny things

I am LOVING my new deck. I have the french doors open all day – even though it’s the middle of winter – so that the fresh air can flow through the kitchen and living room. Bliss. I’m also hoping that keeping the doors open will train the dogs not to be scared of the […]

Raising a glass

I raised a glass to the sad demise of eight former ACP Magazines titles last night with some of my ex-publishing colleagues. The magazines were Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, InStyle, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Good Health, NW and OK. I can’t believe so many iconic titles are gone. Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes has written a scathing assessment […]

So fickle

I was trying to have a video call with my boss yesterday when the builders (Elvis was joined by Tom, which gave him with someone to swear loudly at again) both knocked on my door twice, once each to use the bathroom and once each to use the microwave to heat leftovers up for their […]

Big bangs

Elvis returned to the building yesterday to continue working on my deck and didn’t swear at all … I think it was a combination of not having any builder mates to swear with plus the realization there were young children gamboling in the garden next door. It must have taken a lot of restraint for […]

Elvis is in the building

I thought my house had been robbed on Friday morning. When I got home after walking the dogs, the side gate was wide open and the lock was busted. I put a stack of outdoor chairs against the gate to keep it shut and went inside to check on everything. Then I heard a commotion and […]