Why do these things always happen to you?

“Why do these things always happen to you?” my mum texted yesterday afternoon. “So I have something to blog about,” I replied. The latest “thing” that happened to me is that a possum carked it in my roof space. Yep, the one who partied above my bedroom ceiling at 4am every morning. The one I kept […]

And so it begins

Something startling happened to my daughter over the school holidays: she grew up. At the end of year 6 she seemed too young to be heading to high school. But she’s changed so rapidly over the past six weeks. Her hair is up in an expertly messy top knot. She’s developed a passion for fashion. […]

Deliciously ridiculous

The youngest was captivated by the cover of Delicious magazine last week. It featured … brace yourself … a Potato, Green Tapenade & Herb Spelt Pizza. About the only part of that recipe the youngest would normally eat is the potato. I stared at her like she was from Mars. “Who are you?” She giggled […]

It was the last one and it’s gone!

It’s feels so strange when you spend four nights with someone – a very rare occurence for DD and I – and then suddenly they’re gone. DD and I had a gorgeous time together in Tassie, but the stars and our schedules aren’t aligning over the next month. I dropped DD to the airport on […]

There are ghosts in my phone

My Facebook friends are an eclectic bunch: people from my childhood, relatives, former work colleagues, school mums, a couple of randoms that I’ve got no idea HOW they came to be in my feed … I’ve also made quite a few Facebook friends through the blog, our relationships growing purely in the digital space. Years […]

He didn’t get it

I miss the oddest things about my 23-year relationship with my ex. For example, the town where his parents live – Albury. We’d travel there a few times a year and I loved the place. I’d get up at dawn and wander up and down the main street, peeking in all the shop fronts. Albury […]

When things get steamy

Our little cabin in Rocky Hills started getting steamy on the Thursday night … and not because of anything we were doing inside … well, not entirely … The place wasn’t even equipped with a fan, let alone air-conditioning. It’s obviously not something that’s required too often in that remote neck of the Tasmanian woods. […]

Chasing beauty

I’ve had the most glorious few days. DD and I gave each other a quickie trip to Tassie for Christmas. We left on Wednesday afternoon and got back at lunchtime yesterday. It was short, but very, very sweet. We’d have loved to stay longer, but there were practicalities such as dogs, children and budgets to […]

Finally! It’s fixed!

It’s only taken about six months, but the driver’s side window on my dodgy Renault Captur is finally fixed. Hallelujah! But, seriously, SIX MONTHS! Almost as startling as this development was watching the morning news headlines on the tellie in the Renault service centre, as I waited for the mini-bus to transport me to work. […]

It doesn’t fit with the narrative

You know how I shared that glowing post about my glorious weekend on the Northern Beaches? Well I neglected to mention one small/big thing. Who wants to ruin a good story with a gory detail? Anyways, the sea was quite rough on Saturday and Sunday, which churned up lots of seaweed and it would seem […]