Finally! It’s fixed!

It’s only taken about six months, but the driver’s side window on my dodgy Renault Captur is finally fixed.

Hallelujah! But, seriously, SIX MONTHS!

Almost as startling as this development was watching the morning news headlines on the tellie in the Renault service centre, as I waited for the mini-bus to transport me to work.

First, I recoiled in shock at the news that Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries had died suddenly. Poor Dolores, she was only 46.

Second, I was completely horrified by the story about the creepy Christian family who shackled and starved their children, including seven who had grown into adulthood. I can’t even bring myself to link to that one … but I’m also horribly fascinated to find out why.

Third, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw footage of a wallaby jumping along the Sydney Harbour Bridge. What the? How?

According to the ABC police think the wayward wallaby might have made its way to the bridge from a golf course in Cammeray.

Ollie Gebert is a junior golf instructor and was at the nine-hole Cammeray golf course this morning but has never spotted a wallaby there.

“I’ve never seen one in 25 years. There is a lot of bushland over at Northbridge and the back of Cammeray so maybe it’s come from there,” he said.


Can you imagine driving over the bridge and seeing the poor creature? You’d have thought you were dreaming …

I’m feeling a bit dreamy myself this morning because I’m taking a little blogging break to recharge my creative batteries. I’ll be back on Monday morning.

Catch you then!

PS On the subject of what the? stuff … I wrote a story for Drinks Bulletin yesterday about how KFC has created gravy-infused cocktails … not a joke … ewwwwwwww

PPS Oh and I’m still scratching my head about someone Googling “Wendi Deng nude” and arriving at Housegoeshome yesterday. Geez people are strange.

Song of the day: CeCe Peniston “Finally”


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