Just a little thing

Every few weeks for the past few months, Centrelink has sent me a message telling me it is still working on my Family Tax Benefit application. I have patiently waited. Yesterday it sent me a message saying my Family Tax Benefit application had been rejected because I hadn’t filed my tax return. I was pretty […]

Show and tell

Some days it feels like I’m being punished for being mean to a fairy in a previous life. Yesterday was one of those days. I worked frantically from 8am to 5pm without a break, but still felt like a failure at the end of it. Nothing seemed to go right and there was a heavy […]

The puzzle, the thief & the casserole

It’s been a long time between recipe posts, but I made a corker on Sunday night that I wanted to share with you. It’s a variation on a slow-cooked Mexican beef dish I’ve posted previously, but I’ve pimped it up with chipotles in adobo sauce and cheesy cornbread dumplings. Are you in? Forgive the dodgy […]

Bit fishy

I love an Indian Summer. It felt so blissful to be floating in the warm sea over the weekend when it’s almost May. I was lucky enough to swim on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My favourite was the Saturday swim. The water was so clear and gorgeous and the waves were the perfect size for […]

Doing the limbo

Please let COVID-19 lock down be over soon. I am not a limbo person, either being in the state of it or actually doing it. I don’t cope well with uncertainty. I like a firm, two- to five-year plan. I want to know what I’m having for dinner on Saturday night, I want to know […]

It still hurts

DD relentlessly hounded me into doing a workout with his personal trainer – The Warrior – on Sunday. I was not keen AT ALL. And I was still suffering yesterday – I could barely raise my arms. When I woke on Monday morning, I was pretty cocky, feeling relatively pain free and limber. But, as […]

Behind schedule

My garage conversion is running behind schedule … which is invariably the way with building work. The youngest is not amused. She wants to  ditch her teeny weeny bedroom and start making over the eldest’s vacated space. But the garage doors I paid $150 to be professionally measured up didn’t fit properly (FFS), which slowed […]

Things got better

A little food, a little wine and a lot of DD have lifted my spirits. It’s easy to stop making an effort during home isolation. I’m only wearing make-up for video calls, my grey roots are getting more prominent every week and pyjama pants have become acceptable all-day wear. So I told DD I wanted […]

Photos tell lies

The youngest agreed to watch the sunrise with me last Friday morning. When I asked her what she thought of it, she replied that it was the first and last time she’d be doing it. Obviously not a morning person. Even though it looked like THIS: That’s us wading into the water to have a glorious […]

Symptoms you don’t want

It’s a bit unnerving being peri-menopausal during COVID-19. At least once a week I wake up around midnight feeling feverish, with sore eyes and mild nausea. I freak out that I’ve been struck down with the coronavirus and can’t get back to sleep. I throw off the doona and do lots of deep breathing to […]