Symptoms you don’t want

It’s a bit unnerving being peri-menopausal during COVID-19.

At least once a week I wake up around midnight feeling feverish, with sore eyes and mild nausea.

I freak out that I’ve been struck down with the coronavirus and can’t get back to sleep. I throw off the doona and do lots of deep breathing to try and calm my fears and cool my body temperature, but it takes forever to nod off again.

Dr Google tells me studies have shown that during peri-menopause the overall estrogen production by the ovaries increases, but day-to-day production may be unpredictable. On some days when estrogen production is high, a woman may experience nausea.

Dr Google also reckons that lower levels of androgens can upset the delicate balance of tear production, leading to sore eyes.

That sensible explanation for my symptoms doesn’t stop me worrying that I’ve become the latest victim of the pandemic. But I wake up the next morning feeling totally fine. Just old and cranky.

Geez I’m cranky. As I walk the dogs to the coffee shop every morning, I mutter under my breath about all the stuff that’s DEEPLY PISSING ME OFF. I made the mistake of heading out a little later than usual yesterday and the streets were jammed with people and bikes and dogs. Oooooh I was cross about all the dodging and weaving required to stay socially distant.

I do not like this shutdown business AT ALL.

And there are reports we may be stuck with some restrictions until 2022. Nooooo!

My night at the Hordern Pavilion last month watching New Order may be my last live experience for a very long time. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said this week that large gatherings like sporting events or concerts may not resume in the city before 2021.

It’s such a strange, different world we are now living in.

I’ve taken today off work to spend with the kids, doing not very much. The highlight will probably be dropping an old TV into an electrical recycling bin. Oooo-er!

But I figured that it’s school holidays, so we might as well mooch together, rather than me frantically writing stories about alcohol.

Also, I forgot to cancel my leave for my ill-fated trip to New Zealand last month, so I have three days owing.

Hope you have a good-ish weekend in home isolation.

Catch you next week.

Song of the day: Madonna “You give me fever”





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