It hurts

I felt very middle-aged when I woke up at 6am yesterday morning. Oh, what AM I talking about? I felt very middle-aged the night before too, recoiling at my wrinkles in the Heroes & Villains party photo booth and wearily suggesting we head home at the ungodly hour of 10.30pm. But hauling myself out of... Continue Reading →

So much anger

DD is perturbed by how angry I remain with my ex. It's been more than two years since we separated, I'm happily in a new relationship, my life is is filled with lovely things, but the fury still simmers. (I know it's not healthy. The negative feelings are slowly ebbing. Two years isn't really that... Continue Reading →

Fortifying myself

My new job involves the occasional bottle of booze landing on my desk to take for a spin. Poor me. The latest treat was McWilliam's Wines Spice Royale. As I noted on drinks central earlier this week, McWilliam’s Wines has released a new range of flavoured fortifieds: Strawberry Delight, Spice Royale and Espresso Press. Russell Cody, McWilliam’s... Continue Reading →

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