Calling all third-class citizens …

Allison Tait has blogged her third-class school photo over at Life In A Pink Fibro and invited others to do the same. I wrote a blog called “Who Were You in Primary School” a few months back, so I’m reblogging it in her honour. “OK, technically this is a photo of me in infants school. I […]

I am Mr Bean

The eight-year-old wrote a poem about me at school. It goes like this … My mum is orange She is spring time Mum is in the kitchen She is warm Mum is a jiggly jumper She is a little lounge Mum is Mr Bean It’s funny how other people see you. I would have never […]

Raspberry and orange traybake

I baked this cake for an afternoon tea last weekend. I saw it on Frugal Feeding’s blog last week and fell instantly in love. Frugal Feeding is the most awesome photographer and cook. Well worth following. The “traybake” is supposed to have almonds in it, but I modified it slightly so that Sprog 1 could take pieces […]

She said WHAT?

I’m not a huge fan of “cute things my little princess says” blogs. They’re a bit like dreams, only interesting if they’re your own. But the Sprogs have been surprising me with remarks they’ve made recently, and I can’t help sharing. I’ll attempt to make it more interesting by adding analysis. “Don’t clean up our […]

HouseHunting: retirement home

Ever wonder where you’ll live when you retire? I’m the sort of loop who devotes many hours of contemplation to the subject. I’m not talking about when the Sprogs pack me off to a care facility, it’s the brief sojourn before that – when the work is over and the full-time play begins. Husband and I quite fancy the […]

HouseHunting: My very own Downton Abbey

I was in Melbourne last weekend for a wedding and I couldn’t helP stickybeaking at the local Domain. I find Melbourne property fascinating. Why does the architecture look so unmistakably foreign to Sydney? I rubberneck my way through every car trip. The pile that stood out most was this little, or should I say enormous, […]