Calling all third-class citizens …

Allison Tait has blogged her third-class school photo over at Life In A Pink Fibro and invited others to do the same. I wrote a blog called "Who Were You in Primary School" a few months back, so I'm reblogging it in her honour. "OK, technically this is a photo of me in infants school. I... Continue Reading →

I am Mr Bean

The eight-year-old wrote a poem about me at school. It goes like this ... My mum is orange She is spring time Mum is in the kitchen She is warm Mum is a jiggly jumper She is a little lounge Mum is Mr Bean It's funny how other people see you. I would have never... Continue Reading →

She said WHAT?

I'm not a huge fan of "cute things my little princess says" blogs. They're a bit like dreams, only interesting if they're your own. But the Sprogs have been surprising me with remarks they've made recently, and I can't help sharing. I'll attempt to make it more interesting by adding analysis. "Don't clean up our... Continue Reading →

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