She said WHAT?

I’m not a huge fan of “cute things my little princess says” blogs. They’re a bit like dreams, only interesting if they’re your own.

But the Sprogs have been surprising me with remarks they’ve made recently, and I can’t help sharing. I’ll attempt to make it more interesting by adding analysis.

“Don’t clean up our rooms, we’ll do it when we get home from school.”
I was so touched when the eldest said this one morning. I get quite irrational before school as I panic my way through our house, looking for missing library books, school hats, drink bottles … I launch into woe-is-me babbling about how all I do every day is tidy up. So it was very sweet of Sprog 1 to make the offer, even though I knew there was virtually no chance she’d follow up on it. But as they say, it’s the thought that counts (stupid saying).

“I’m worried about Daddy. He didn’t have his psyllium husks this morning.”
Wow, empathy. And psyllium. That is all.

“I’m donating my Tooth Fairy money to charity on crazy hair day at school.”
Really? When you could buy Trash Packs? That’s … Weird. But great.

“Daddy, you’re lazy, you should help Mummy more.”
I swear, Husband, she wasn’t parroting anything I’ve said. And I didn’t put her up to it. Cross my heart.

“I’ve found my heaven – it’s a pile of books.”
OK, this remark is straight “isn’t that so cool?” territory. Although I was a bit worried when Sprog 1 said the “heaven” bit, I momentarily panicked that she was joining a cult, but the fact she loves books and reading so much blows my mind in such a good way.

“I want to be a vampire.”
This statement wouldn’t have bothered me if it was a) Uttered by Sprog “The Goth” 1 or b) Referred to Halloween. But it was neither of the above. It was at a face painting station at a catholic primary school fete and was requested by Sprog 2, who remained unswayed by the face painter’s suggestion she have a butterfly or flower or something similarly Christiany-nice. It was the woman’s first-ever vampire and she botched it. Sprog 2 was disgruntled by her lack of scariness, so proceeded to the coloured hair spray stand and requested black and blue stripes. Another first for another stall volunteer. My mother co-incidentally sent a text message soon after, noting that Sprog 2 was her “beautiful girl”, to which I replied “perhaps not right now” and attached the photo below …

“Charlotte is my BFF.”
Oh god, this is how it begins. A teenager at six …

“Waaaah, you embarrassed me, waaaah, I can’t face them all, I’m staying in my room forever, waaaah …”
Oh god, this is how it begins. A teenager at six …



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