Not my strength

While there are things that I intensely dislike about getting older, such as my rapidly diminishing collagen levels, my face requiring (but sadly not receiving) daily threading and the ridiculous amount of time I spend trying to locate my missing keys and phone ... there are other parts that I love. For example, very few... Continue Reading →

Bah humbug

I feel oddly Grinch-like about Christmas this year. It is on my naughty list. I keep muttering about the transactional nature of gift giving. It feels like a box ticking exercise, as we all frantically prepare to hand each other goods of approximately the same value. I don't like being asked what I want as... Continue Reading →

Guess what?!!

Seasoned readers of HouseGoesHome will know just how exciting this news is .... I bought a new car yesterday!!!!!! It's still on a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean somewhere, but I should take delivery of it before Christmas. I wasn't expecting to buy a new car yesterday. I thought there were nine-month... Continue Reading →

Well, I never!

I read two things yesterday that blew me away. I will start with the really cool one. Australia's first complete plesiosaur fossil has been discovered in outback Queensland! Yep, I was a dinosaur nerd when I was in primary school. Palaeontologists unearthed the complete fossil of the plesiosaur near the remote western Queensland town of... Continue Reading →

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