My week: something to hide

I wanted to call this blog "Something to hide (and stuff that shouldn't be stashed) ..." but it was waaaaay too long. You'll understand the stashing reference shortly, and possibly wish it hadn't been burned into your psyche. In the meantime ... Confession: I usually start my blogs the night before. They don't just trill... Continue Reading →

Too many pricks

It's a very tardy blog this morning and I'm blaming it on the pricks. The kids' school held a fundraiser last night and I volunteered to help out. My job was supposed to be food and drink set up, but somehow the role morphed into Chief Sausage Pricker. There were 500 of the slippery bastards... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving 2014: how the stars celebrated

Thanksgiving is a big deal in the United States, more important as a family gathering than Christmas in some households. And celebs are no different in their enthusiasm for joining the festivities. Here's how they've been marking the day on Instagram ... >> Sofia Vergara: "Giving thanks for a beautifull year and my love ones❤️❤️❤️❤️!!... Continue Reading →

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