Too many pricks

It’s a very tardy blog this morning and I’m blaming it on the pricks. The kids’ school held a fundraiser last night and I volunteered to help out. My job was supposed to be food and drink set up, but somehow the role morphed into Chief Sausage Pricker. There were 500 of the slippery bastards […]

I got booked

If there’s one thing I learned as editor of Woman’s Day … it’s how to write a leading headline. So – in the interest of new me-ishness – I’ll start this blog by admitting I didn’t get booked. Hang on, come to think of it, I DID get booked. Bloody local council pinged me for parking […]

Conflict resolution

Conflict is NOT my middle name. I’m hopeless at it and prefer to avoid it at all costs. Are you like that? Or do you enjoy a good stoush? I’m worried my conflict avoidance is becoming problematic. (And I’m soooooo hyper-sensitive sometimes … though it could be the Mirena talking, if Google mythology is to […]

The universe sent me … a pig

  I received an unsettling text message from (ex)Husband yesterday. It wasn’t mean or nasty, just one of those inevitable milestones you face in the separation process. It arrived before my Tuesday morning sculpt class, so I didn’t have time to process it properly. But the universe knew there was psychic pain in my future, […]

My shame file expands

I had the most terrible realisation yesterday. As I trawled through my Facebook feed, I spotted a post from my sister-in-law, thanking everyone for the birthday messages she’d received on Sunday. I spent Sunday with my sister-in-law. I did not wish her a happy birthday. I forgot. She’d travelled to Sydney with her three daughters […]

Pool party time

I’m short on words and big on pictures this morning. Yesterday was HUGE and I’m still recovering. We celebrated the 11-year-old’s birthday at a local harbour pool (if I told you which one I would have to kill you – it’s a gorgeous secret that far too many people are discovering) on a blisteringly hot […]

The meaning of my life is … she

I’m a crazy planner. Noticed, much? So you won’t be completely surprised to hear I spent many, many years concocting my first child in my head. She had red hair (like me), loved eating exotic foods (like me) and was called Ruby, after my great grandmother. Now, there are many things you CAN plan in […]

Hot party mama

I’m a little freaked out. Weather reports for the eldest’s 11th birthday party tomorrow range from 39 to 43 degrees. Fark! And we’re holding it outdoors at a harbour pool from 11am to 2.30pm. That’s going to be pleasant … sooooo not. I have NO idea how I’m going to keep the icing from sliding […]