That’s life

My life didn't turn out the way I planned. Life rarely does. But I didn't expect it to go quite so pear-shaped as it did two years ago, when my partner walked out on our 23-year relationship. I was in deep denial about how untenable our marriage had become. My ex was miserable and tired... Continue Reading →

Taking my mind off my woes … monster style

February hasn't been terribly kind to me over the last three years. While I had the most gorgeous time earlier in the month on holidays with DD, things have gone a little pear-shaped towards the end. I've been very wobbly over the past few days. But I'll claw my way back, I always do. It... Continue Reading →

Cracked idea

Have I told you about my genius idea to invent a moisturising thong? (The flip-flop sort, not the stuck-up-your-clacker-like-dental-floss kind. Though that could be wildly successful among the post-menopausal set ... ) Thongs wreak havoc on my feet. They make my heels look like scale models of the Grand Canyon during the summer months, when I scuzz... Continue Reading →

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