That’s life

My life didn’t turn out the way I planned. Life rarely does. But I didn’t expect it to go quite so pear-shaped as it did two years ago, when my partner walked out on our 23-year relationship. I was in deep denial about how untenable our marriage had become. My ex was miserable and tired […]

Parking tickets and the ageing vagina

I’ve possibly built this one up a little too much. But here goes … I can’t take credit for today’s blog heading, DD came up with it. He’s very good with words for a scientist. Although possibly it should read “Parking tickets and the ageing vulva.” Erk. I don’t know why the word “vulva” makes […]

Well this is getting embarrassing

Still no sign of my TMI story on Kidspot and I’m a bit squirmy about asking when it’s getting a run … you don’t want to act too keen about a story you’ve written about your nethers … Oh, did I mention it’s about my nethers? It’s about my nethers. And it has a VERY confronting title. […]

20 years of purple prose

WARNING: this is not the saucy post I promised, it just looks like it. My TMI story still hasn’t been published at Kidspot so I’m stalling. I’ve spent much of my career writing about sex. At Cosmopolitan magazine I wrote guides to condoms and vibrators (you would not BELIEVE how fast the samples disappeared when […]

Things you can’t count on

I had a saucy little blog planned for you today but I’ve had to can it because it was based on me writing an out-there story for Kidspot … and they haven’t pressed the “publish” button on it yet. I thought they had, but the link isn’t working, so I’m kinda in the lurch. I […]

Cracked idea

Have I told you about my genius idea to invent a moisturising thong? (The flip-flop sort, not the stuck-up-your-clacker-like-dental-floss kind. Though that could be wildly successful among the post-menopausal set … ) Thongs wreak havoc on my feet. They make my heels look like scale models of the Grand Canyon during the summer months, when I scuzz […]

It feels like I’ve lost a friend

I was shocked when I checked my Facebook feed yesterday and saw a post announcing the passing of Pinky Poinker. Pinky Poinker was the alias of one of my favourite bloggers. Michelle (aka Pinky) announced: Pinky is Dead! R.I.P. Three years ago I brought that little minx, Pinky Poinker to life. Now I have killed […]

Is it a gender thing?

I’ve entered the over-thinking phase of the cycle. I lie in bed until the early hours of the morning, searching for hidden meanings in everything and creating dramas where there aren’t any … Oh, who am I kidding? That’s not a PMT thing, it’s just a ME thing. Anyways … When my husband left the […]

That was then, this is now

Yesterday dawned so much brighter than the dark-ish day before. Damn the emotional rollercoaster of middle-aged womanhood. I can’t wait until two pubescent daughters get added to the household mix. At lunchtime, I felt almost deliriously happy as I brutalised my body in a gym class. I was literally grinning like a Cheshire cat … […]