Well this is getting embarrassing

Still no sign of my TMI story on Kidspot and I’m a bit squirmy about asking when it’s getting a run … you don’t want to act too keen about a story you’ve written about your nethers …

Oh, did I mention it’s about my nethers?

It’s about my nethers. And it has a VERY confronting title.

So let’s just say you’ll see it … well, not IT, but you know what I mean … when you see it. Will advise …

Moving right along.

Fark it’s been hot this week in Sydney. I’ve spent most of it trapped at home with a pathetically inadequate fan and sick kids – a bloody throat virus. Please, please don’t let me catch it. Nothing worse than being feverish in a heatwave.

I sooooooooo wanted to be at the beach last night, but the eldest was too ill and I was too knackered from a day working at home bikram style.

I managed to escape to the beach on Wednesday while my ex had the kids and it was beyond divine having a dip in the surf – the water was gorgeous.

I’m sure I told you I’ve never been one for the water in the past – remember the boyfriend who sent me flowers with a note saying “For a Pisces who doesn’t like water, some flowers to put in it” … What fish hates water?

Well, I don’t hate it, but swimming isn’t my favourite thing. It might have something to do with only being able to dog paddle five metres, despite having endless childhood lessons.

DD always keeps a very close eye on me in the water, as we’re usually swimming outside of surf lifesaver hours to protect my delicate redhead skin. He panicked this week when he looked over his shoulder and saw me up to my neck in the surf and bolted (OK, meandered) over to rescue me.

I was just being brave and trying to float in 60cm of water on a sand bank …

Wandering on the beach in the late afternoon sun makes me feel blissfully happy. Here are some photos from my latest trip …

I take lots of photos of my feet because they’ve aged better than my face.

Do you think a foot selfie should be called a foofie or a felfie? 

Song of the day: Pablo Cruise “Love will find a way”

5 thoughts on “Well this is getting embarrassing

Add yours

      1. It’s really miserable down in the Gong today so I wouldn’t be going. My three are sick too have to jump onto my son though he hates being anymore different so won’t take his puffer (still taking preventive meds) but he will end up in hospital with asthma happens at least once a year (better than the 3-6 when he was younger) hope the girls feel better soon xo

      2. I have a sick child AGAIN!! Last week I had two home monday three home tues and one home from lunchtime today and she has just thrown up on the Dr and had a needle of maxalon so very very doubtful she will be going to school tomorrow! This is the part of parenting no-one tells you about! I wasn’t prepared for it that’s for sure I had 2 days off in my whole 13yrs of school and one of those I wagged and got caught!!! My kids seem to be off every other week and if I send them to school sick they get sent straight home!!!

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