A bit pear shaped

Mornings are pretty hectic in the Household as three of us scramble off in different directions. I took things up a notch yesterday when I needed to be at work by 6.45am for breakfast event at Luna Park. The guest speakers at The Drinks Association Network Breakfast were PwC’s Paul von Kesmark and Birger Maekelburger, […]

Avoiding the rage

Aileen Weintraub writes at HuffPost: “The symptoms were subtle at first: insomnia, a racing heart, a lost word, sometimes a wrong word. But within months there was no denying it. Soon enough there were panic attacks, sobbing fits and that verboten emotion of middle-aged women ― rage.” She’s talking about perimenopause and when I read […]

Not very classy

I’m a bit low rent and my standards are slipping with age. I was stoked to find a Bacon & Egg McMuffin in my fridge yesterday morning. I figured my friends Megz and Tracy must have accidentally left it behind, so I texted to check whether it would kill me … nope, it had been […]

It’s going to be a bombshell day

I’m writing this post while hooked up to a Neuroptimal machine – it assesses whether your neural pathways are blocked and helps clear them. My friend Tracy bought it to help her son who has ADHD and thought it might do me some good too, so I’m having a session on it. Apparently my brainwaves […]

It ends well

I’ve battled a lot with self doubt over the past week. It’s been a bit of a tough one. People were so kind to me over the weekend, which is always an interesting one when you’re battling with self-doubt because you’re a bit yeah, nah about it – the bad stuff inside your head is easier […]

Bound together by tragedy

It’s the moment that felt like it would never come: the inquiry into Kathleen Folbigg’s convictions begins on Monday. Next week has been set aside to hear evidence relevant to forensic pathology and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI). April 15-16 have been set aside to hear evidence relevant […]

But first we’ll live

Winter is coming. Not the season or an episode of Game of Thrones (despite the photo). I’m talking about my 51st birthday. First sign: my lovely friend Alice gave me a bottle of prosecco at Pump last weekend. She was a week early because she’s in Melbourne this Sunday and will miss our weekly workout. […]

That’s long enough

It’s been five years since my husband left me and I’M STILL FREAKING MARRIED. I’m done with this no man’s land business – I want a divorce. I didn’t want to be the one who asked for a divorce. I thought he should be the one to utter the terrible words. But he never did. Two years […]

I may be crazy

I admitted defeat yesterday and called off a catch-up with a former colleague. It was time to practice some self-care and slow down. I am tired. I keep wondering why I’m so tired. Is it because I’m having trouble staying asleep at night? Is it peri-menopause? Is it because parenting teenagers is freaking exhausting? Is […]

The unexpected milestones

Remember the baby milestones? First smile, rolling over, crawling … I’ve discovered middle age has them too: first chin hair, bifocals, bowel cancer screening kit in the mail … I hit another one over the weekend: I laughed so hard watching comedian Dave Hughes perform at Twilight at Taronga that I peed my pants. I […]