The wrong kind of buzz

It’s a definite sign of middle age that I was in a group text chat last night about organizing a dinner that became about tinnitus. Three out of the four of us are suffering from it and we were discussing what it sounds like. One said mosquitos. The other said low-level cicadas. I was about […]

Giving it a whirl

I’ve always dreamed about being an author, but I’m not sure I have a book in me. It’s not lack of confidence – I know I can write, I just wonder whether I have the knack for fiction or the stamina for non-fiction. My doubts were reinforced this week when I read a 2500 word […]

The time has come

The time has come for me to take a break. It’s not the perfect time, but I can’t wait for that. It’s been a difficult 12 months, filled with career upheavals, health issues and car dramas. I’m a bit worn out, so I’m disappearing off the grid for 10 days to reboot. It’s with both […]

Expecting the unexpected

I knew it wasn’t going to be an ordinary day when I walked the dogs to my local coffee shop and discovered my boyfriend waiting for a piccolo. It was 6.45am, he lives 30 minutes away and he hadn’t stayed the night at my place … so … I was a little surprised. He wasn’t […]

Things I don’t want

I saw a job listing for an “Influencer Specialist” yesterday. The job description requires the successful applicant to manage “influencer marketing campaigns – briefing, negotiating and facilitating delivery of content”. Just in case you missed the rise of the influencer, they’re people with huge numbers of social media followers who are paid to promote brands […]

Such a happy place

Wasn’t the weather glorious over the weekend? Well, it was in my neck of the woods. I hope you had some sunshine around your way too. Saturday started with a cup of peppermint tea on the front verandah of a friend’s house. She lives right beside the water and THIS is her view: I would […]

This can’t be happening

You know how I got my lemon of a Renault back on Wednesday? Well … it got towed back to the service centre yesterday. I. Kid. You. Not. I drove to the hairdresser to get my roots done on Thursday morning and, as I was looking for a park in busy Darlinghurst, the car started […]

So dirty about it

Let me start with the good news: I was notified yesterday that the youngest has received a small Local Sporting Champions grant for the 2021 National Skipping Championships. Well, I did submit an excellent proposal. I made her sound like a highly gifted saint. Pity it’s not me taking her to Nationals, but every cent […]

I got kicked out

It is VERY boring being sick and stuck at home. I’ve been going to bed early just to make the days go faster (also because I’m wrecked). I struggled to make it to 9pm on Monday night and slept until 6am, which is very unusual for me. The days are very long when you are […]

No need for alarm

There’s something I deliberately didn’t mention in my blog post yesterday. My weekend. I blathered about watching a movie because I was waiting for the results of a COVID test and didn’t want to alarm anyone. I was also a bit embarrassed to admit that I was sick AGAIN, this time with a bad cold, […]