Who’d have guessed?

Who’d have guessed that the hottest fashion item in 2020 would be a face mask? This ad popped up on a news site I was visiting yesterday: Blimey, face masks with bling! And my gmail account is filled with messages from retailers announcing they have new stocks and styles available.. My expat friend Nathan (below) […]

I wish and wonder

Here’s a selection of thoughts that ran through my head yesterday. I have around three simultaneous thoughts every minute, so I’ve culled the list fairly heavily. I think I made the right decision stayIng a redhead. My friend Mel is so sweet to offer to do my roots so I can save money on hair […]

Plastic not so fantastic

The wet and wild weather gave me the chance to test out my new ALDI gumboots yesterday … and revealed they are not, in fact, waterproof. Keep that in mind next time they’re in store. They are nothing more than plastic RM Williams knock-offs. I spent the whole day in the office in soggy socks and […]

Nothing makes sense

Someone posted this photo on my Facebook feed last week with a caption along these lines: “I’d love to show this picture to someone in the 80s and ask them what they think is going on.” They would have SO MANY questions. I wore a face mask to do my grocery shopping at Woolies for […]

Needing a lift

I am smack-bang in the middle of the taxi years. There is way more driving involved in every phase of parenting than I could have ever imagined, but I think it peaks when your eldest child hits high school and I expect it continues until the last one gets their driver’s licence. I am blanking […]

Smashing time

I worked from home with a unique soundtrack yesterday: an indigenous bloke jackhammering all the tiles off my second toilet room while singing Aboriginal songs. It was quite something. Lovely and headache inducing at the same time. With the tiles gone you can see how it was once an outside toilet. Over the weekend, in […]

Magic all around you

I am stoked that after almost six years together I can still stare at a picture of DD like a love-struck teenager. I shared the photo in yesterday’s blog post. It’s this one: I feel so smiley every time I look at it. It shows the man I love looking exactly as he does in […]

The major headlines

I’m feeling a little National Enquirer today, so hold on tight, I’ve got some wild headlines for you … Headline No.1: Happy birthday to my favourite person in the world (that I’m not related to)! Yep, it’s DD’s birthday! He’s very unimpressed with the numeral involved, so I won’t mention what it is. I don’t […]

Tired and wired

Attending the 2020 Australian Drinks Awards virtually from my living room yesterday wasn’t quite as glamorous as swanning around a ballroom last year. For a start, I was wearing ugg boots this time around. And one of the dogs started violently retching and vomiting behind me during the ceremony. Fortunately I had a glass of […]

Love hurts

I thought I was heading back to the vet yesterday because Bilbo wouldn’t stop shaking. I was worried he was in pain, but I’m pretty sure it was just anxiety over the builders’ nail gun. I don’t blame him, it’s been intense on the noise front. I had the shaking dog on my lap for […]