Listen to them

Did you see that Sam Armytage quit her job on Sunrise yesterday morning? Your newsfeed would have been pretty overrun with the Megan and Harry interview hysteria. Sam said on air: “As many of you know, my personal life the last six months has been very bittersweet. Some bits have been very happy and some […]

Spontaneous joy

DD isn’t a big fan of planning, he’s more the spontaneous type, which is how we found ourselves at a music festival on Saturday. He’d driven down to help paint the outside of the house and we were busily rollering and masking taping, while his mobile phone played a soundtrack of Aussie music. A Pete […]

The year of WTF

My friend Sue tagged me on very timely inspirational quote yesterday. It said: “A strong woman never gives up. She might need an extra coffee, a good cry or a day in bed but she will always come back stronger.” I am a strong woman, so I will put my faith in that, wipe my […]

That’s inspirational

The readers at my current contracting gig love an inspirational quote, so I spend a lot of time searching around for ones that will tickle their fancy. I still haven’t managed to top this one, which went through the roof the week before I started: “It’s OK if you fall apart sometimes … tacos fall […]

That one’s a mystery

I only have myself to blame for the crazy that I’ve injected into my Tuesday nights. I agreed to let the youngest play in a netball competition on the Northern Beaches. We never know until the Tuesday morning what time the match will be. The first two Tuesdays were OK because they were early ones […]

Dousing my deprivation

Yesterday was a bit mad, with an added Twilight Zone edge to it because I was so sleep deprived. After scheduling stories about menopause and belly fat during the day, I went home and ate some duck fat for dinner. The youngest isn’t with us on Monday nights, so we get to eat things with […]

Another crossroad

I can’t believe it’s the first day of autumn. DD and I went for a swim at Bilgola yesterday and it was absolutely gorgeous – beautiful blue sky, warm water, great waves. DD declared it the swim of the season. I was worried when we arrived because there were big bluebottle warning signs everywhere, but […]

Not my type

I don’t understand why men are so caught up with what their “type” is when it comes to women. I heard Jonesy and Amanda talking about it on the radio yesterday and my ears pricked up. They were discussing their former workmate, Bryce Ruthven, who is currently starring on Married at First Sight. Apparently he […]

Things I’m loving

My life isn’t all rage walking and navel gazing. There are lots of things I’m loving at the moment. Like my new shower recess … It’s in a tiny little laundry room and is simply tiled in Bunnings cheapies, but I feel so luxe when I’m standing under that shower head every morning. And my […]

The opposite of an elephant

I’m a bit like the opposite of an elephant, I always forget. It means I have trouble staying angry at people about specific things for very long because my mind can’t hold onto the reason for the feeling. Instead it goldfishes its way through menopausal life being furious about something new every few moments. DD […]