Halloween 2014 – celebrity style

I love seeing how the celebs – and their kids – get into Halloween. Check out their amazing costumes this year … J’Lo: “Me @ddlovato @thenewclassic #costumeparty #jlohalloween” Neil Patrick Harris: “Happy Halloween from Gotham City!!” Taylor Swift: “Happy Halloween! Stay safe out there tonight, kids. This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood […]

So, I got my phone bill …

Remember how I sent three million text messages overseas and had a little/big panic attack about the bill (I’ve Done A Stupid Thing … I think)? And remember how I sent Husband a hasty and ill-considered message saying: “Have done stupid thing. Texted someone overseas maybe 1000 times (not an exaggeration). Am scared about the bill […]

Hug the ones you love

I was still a bit croooooook yesterday, but I struggled out of bed to attend a travel brekkie function: Royal Caribbean’s relaunch of the Voyager of The Seas. (I’m spending a night on the ship on December 8. Theme for my story: How much fun can you cram into a 12-hour cruise? OK, more like: […]

Neurotic? Me??

Someone described me as “neurotic” yesterday. I don’t know them, but they’d read one of my blogs and remarked to a friend that “she sounds a bit neurotic.” Neurotic? Me?? I got a bit agitated about being called neurotic – ah, the irony – so I did a bit of research to see if I […]

I bought a house!

Well, I’m 99.9% sure I bought a house … it doesn’t seem quite real. But it must be, because the agent has sent me a text saying: “Congratulations!” How do I feel? Kinda weird. I cried all the way to the agent’s office with the cheque. I’ve been trying to analyse what made my eyes […]

Halloween pumpkins 2014 – celebrity style

I am worn out. Emotionally, physically, mentally. And I’ve come down with a cold. Ahhhh-choo. There are no words left … they’ve been all funneled into texts and blogs and emails. So I bring you … celebrities and their children posing in pumpkin patches in preparation for Halloween 2014. My kids can’t wait to go […]

Girls’ Night In 2014 (one word: wow)

You know how much I love throwing a party? Well my friends, the “Two Pink Ladies”, totally shade me. Each year, they throw the most dazzling Girls’ Night In. It’s a fundraising concept that encourages women to enjoy a girly catch-up and donate what they would normally spend on a night out to the Cancer […]

I can’t believe I’m doing this

Guess where I’m going on Sunday? On my first RSVP date. I’m a bit terrified, to be honest. I think I understand the RSVP rules reasonably well – the date will be in a highly public place, I’ve ensured I have a pre-planned escape route (a movie date with my sister afterwards), I’ll wear a […]

That went a bit f@#king quick

As I tried to take a selfie yesterday morning – don’t ask – between making Vegemite sandwiches and quartering oranges for the kids’ lunch boxes, I was reminded of a quote by Martin Amis … As the 50th birthday approaches, you get the sense that your life is thinning out, and will continue to thin […]