Halloween 2014 – celebrity style

I love seeing how the celebs - and their kids - get into Halloween. Check out their amazing costumes this year ... J'Lo: "Me @ddlovato @thenewclassic #costumeparty #jlohalloween" Neil Patrick Harris: "Happy Halloween from Gotham City!!" Taylor Swift: "Happy Halloween! Stay safe out there tonight, kids. This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood... Continue Reading →

So, I got my phone bill …

Remember how I sent three million text messages overseas and had a little/big panic attack about the bill (I've Done A Stupid Thing ... I think)? And remember how I sent Husband a hasty and ill-considered message saying: “Have done stupid thing. Texted someone overseas maybe 1000 times (not an exaggeration). Am scared about the bill... Continue Reading →

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