So, I got my phone bill …


Remember how I sent three million text messages overseas and had a little/big panic attack about the bill (I’ve Done A Stupid Thing … I think)?

And remember how I sent Husband a hasty and ill-considered message saying: “Have done stupid thing. Texted someone overseas maybe 1000 times (not an exaggeration). Am scared about the bill because I think you are still the account holder. Feel sick.”

And remember how he was very nice about it.

Well he sent me a reassuring text last night to let me know that my phone bill was only $86 for this month, compared to $81 for the month before.


It’s such relief, because I can’t say my Facebook friends and blog followers were much comfort during my time of crisis. One even suggested I’d be up for $1 per text.

Like I needed to hear THAT.

Not that the fear stopped me. It didn’t even slow me down. I kept texting like a demon.

I may be an addict.

OK, scrap that, I’m definitely an addict.

I love texting. Texting is the bomb. Though I am a little worried that 46-year-olds should not be using texting as their primary form of communication. And they definitely shouldn’t be using expressions like the bomb. Especially since it’s probably 20 years out of date with young people anyway.

But texting is so lovely, it’s all these gorgeous words dancing across the screen. A journalist’s dream.

It’s clever and far more uninhibited than the spoken word.

And it’s only $5 extra for three million messages. Go iMessage!

iMessage is the bomb.

I really need to stop saying that.

Anyways, I’m also quite keen on those little dots you get when someone is replying to you. And how it tells you a message has been “delivered” and then “read.”

It dovetails with my need for certainty in an uncertain world.

Song of the day: Elton John “Your Song”


PS And in other sentimental news … I just found an old email from the eldest saying …

hello mummy
i love you so much
i found a crab on the thingy madjigy
(she was on an excursion in 2011 to Botany Bay, bless her)



7 thoughts on “So, I got my phone bill …

  1. This has made me laugh. It’s breakfast time and my dear husband is texting a friend. His addiction annoys the hell out of me. I just said to him “do you like the texts dancing on the screen” and he replied “my God yes, that’s it exactly”. ha. I of course am doing important ‘web research’, but we shall make no mention of that.

    • How funny that the dancing reference resonated with him. I do try to be polite in company and not text much. The moment someone goes to the bathroom or something though, I’m tapping away like a mad fiend in their absence

  2. Geez, I’ll bet that’s a relief! But you still need to clarify exactly what you are getting on your plan…perhaps now is the time to check, before another stressful month-end! 🙂

  3. I always wondered what those three little dots meant! I love texting too. A friend and I felt like we were on a girls night texting back and forth while repeats of Sex and The City were on. You must’ve been so relieved about the bill!

  4. Just found your blog and going through some of your archives. Love your humor, honesty and look on life. As this is last year’s blog, you may already know, texting doesn’t cost anything anymore if you have a good data plan. WhatsApp, iMessage are all free all over the world. Text away !

    • Hi Nancy! Yes, thank heavens I discovered iMessage is free … so as long as the messages are blue, not green, I’m OK!! Welcome to the blog, I’m glad you’re enjoying it

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