Airplane mode

OK, the drama quotient was slightly higher yesterday, starting at 6am when my wifi stopped working. I rang my internet provider every few hours throughout the day and got a slightly different explanation for why it was stuffed each time. There was a lot of shifting of blame to NBN, an easy target. I was […]

No dramas

It’s not going to last, but my drama-free streak continued yesterday. It was very relaxing. I woke to the sound of the rain absolutely pelting down, but it conveniently stopped so I could walk the dogs to the coffee shop for my strong, flat white. Then I went to a Pump class at the civilised […]

What a transformation!

Yesterday started beautifully, sharing a coffee with DD on the Avalon headland. Confession: DD took the sunrise pic a few days earlier, as we slept in until 7am and missed it. Damn! No matter, it’s still the most lovely spot, wherever the sun is in the sky. I was meant to leave DD in peace […]

Into the sunset

It’s funny how you get used to feeling sick. I’m filled with delight when I wake up each morning and energised about the day ahead. It’s been a bit of a struggle over the past few months. I finally got back to the gym yesterday, after many weeks away. I went to a butt, abs […]


The weather was absolutely glorious in Sydney over the weekend – I hope it was fab around your way too. I love the Indian summer that April brings. I hadn’t planned on visiting DD on Good Friday, but I couldn’t help myself – the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the boyfriend was irresistible […]

Drinks with Al: would you drink ranch water?

I was spoilt rotten by my drinks escapades last week. It was a little slice of luxury after a long haul of illness. As you may have previously read, the festivities kicked off on Saturday night with a visit to a new bar in Newport called Sundial Tapas Restaurant. It’s an interesting concept – you […]

Lots of farewell hugs

What a crazy week it’s been! House has gone home again after a brief return to magland, she’s sipped lots of cocktails at a fancy event, her sister has been bitten by a quokka and her daughter has gone camping in a swamp. It’s been so busy I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday, […]