Did you have TV when you were a kid?

As we drove to school yesterday, the 11-year-old piped up from the backseat: “Did you have TV when you were a kid?” Wow, it was an interesting conversation that followed. You don’t really think about how pyrotechnically technology has exploded in a single generation until you start telling your child what life was like 40 […]

I’m torn

I say that I’ve moved on, that I struggle to raise much ire towards my ex, but there is something that really bothers me about his departure … Other than the elephant-in-the-room reason. It’s the financial devastation and the tsunami-like effect it’s had on my middle-class life. I say middle-class because it’s not proper suffering. […]

Name calling

“Top baby name” lists invariably annoy me because both my daughters’ names always feature. Yesterday, Kidspot released Australia’s Most Popular Baby Names for 2014 and yep, they both made the Top 10. Damn it. I swear, when I chose a name for my eldest … a decade before she was born … no one called their […]

Games you shouldn’t play

It’s a bit scary how addicted the youngest has become to her iPad, she doesn’t even bother turning on the tellie in the morning, just sits there tapping away, occasionally asking if she can download another free app. I was slightly apprehensive when she asked to download “Truth or dare” yesterday … but she assured […]

My week: I need a doctor/house call

Enough is enough. I can’t handle it any more. It’s been two weeks and four days since I got sick with some flu-like thing and I’m still not feeling right. I. Am. So. Over. It. I wept in the shower yesterday in sheer frustration. So my goal for next week is to get some medical […]

Is this a milestone?

I had one of those what the hell will I blog? moments this morning and started trawling through my April back catalogue for inspiration … It didn’t make pretty reading. April 2014 was a bitter affair due to the freshness of my marriage separation. April 2013 is retrospectively coloured by knowing why travelling to the […]