Games you shouldn’t play


It’s a bit scary how addicted the youngest has become to her iPad, she doesn’t even bother turning on the tellie in the morning, just sits there tapping away, occasionally asking if she can download another free app.

I was slightly apprehensive when she asked to download “Truth or dare” yesterday … but she assured me it was a kids’ version so I sighed and said yes.

When my ex came over to collect the kids, the youngest immediately inveigled him to play “Truth or Dare” with her.

Things started out innocently enough, with my ex being dared to dance for 30 seconds for everyone. Much hysterical child laughter ensued.

Then the youngest started asking my ex “truth” questions and things got a little awkward. Like: If you could make one phone call from jail who would you ring? I quickly suggested his dad … but my ex replied “Alana.” I’m thinking he probably said it for the kids’ sake. Though I am quite good in a crisis.

But some of the questions definitely weren’t the type to be asked of or by nine-year-olds. In fact one almost made me choke on my sugar-free V.

There was deafening silence in the room and I stared studiously at the Persian rug, so I have no idea how my ex reacted. But that’s how I noticed he’d managed to jive all over one of Bilbo Baggins’ wayward poos … and smear it EVERYWHERE.

It was the smelly short circuit the game desperately needed … even if the Persian rug didn’t, geez it’s been through a lot with the fur babies … so I swung into action and rescued both my ex’s shoe and his tied tongue from hell.

I told you I was good in a crisis.

I’m hoping my ex has since furtively deleted the horrifying app from the iPad so we never have to go through an ordeal like that again … at least until the kids are adults and we’ve all had a few pinot grigios first.

Are there “truth” questions that would freak you out?

Song of the day: Spandau Ballet “True”


3 thoughts on “Games you shouldn’t play

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  1. Our son has asked my ex and I an awkward question or two while walking down Pitt Street. They don’t need a Truth or Dare app to do that, but I guess it helps kids come up with REALLY awkward ones. I won’t be getting that app, thanks for the warning. Hope you’re feeling better today.

  2. When my daughter in primary school got the first sex ed lessons I got asked if I masturbated, the question was asked at the dinner table in front of my mother and my aunt.

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