Bracing news

The youngest finally got her outrageously expensive braces on Monday. She has been VERY grumpy ever since about how they look and feel. Much like her mum is about the bill. But I felt cornered by her mouth-breathing-induced overbite, missing-front-tooth agenesis and teen vanity conditions. As I watched the braces being laboriously glued to her... Continue Reading →

Expecting an announcement

Whenever DD and I host a soiree, someone invariably thinks it's going to be a surprise engagement party. There was lots of speculative murmuring at our joint 50th last year. On Saturday night, DD hosted a Christmas in July celebration. When he ding-ding-dinged his glass to silence the crowd, I got a nudge-nudge-wink-wink from someone. I... Continue Reading →

There’s two of them!

I rousted the youngest from bed yesterday for her post-surgery check-up. As we were dashing out the door I realised her new referral was made out to the WRONG SPECIALIST. Arrrrrghhhhh! The doctor's surgery wasn't open yet, so I couldn't call them to get another one. Arrrrgghhhhh! I darted into the waiting room and apologetically... Continue Reading →

The latest drama

I can't believe I'm typing these words, but another drama has befallen me. I think it is most unreasonable of the universe to have lumbered me with an additional crisis, but you know what they say about life's unfairness. Anyways, I've been having problems with a leaking gas smell in the front yard. It's been... Continue Reading →

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