Living the wild life

The days are flying by way too fast. We’ve barely scratched the surface of Dunedin and it’s time to hit the road again. We arrived around lunchtime yesterday and grabbed a quick bite before going on a six hour eco tour of the Otago peninsula. It was an amazing experience, enhanced by our vivacious Chilean... Continue Reading →

Slice of heaven

Yesterday started very badly and ended so, so well. I had two really intense episodes of vertigo while lying in bed that felt like the head spins I had when I drank too much as a twentysomething ... times 10. Horrible. DD reckons it was a calcium deposit that came loose in my inner ear.... Continue Reading →

Flipping out

I wasn’t expecting it to be so summery in late November on the South Island of New Zealand. The past few days have been glorious, albeit with the occasional torrential shower. I haven’t packed nearly enough T-shirts! Yesterday was so lovely. We started by driving to Wanaka via Arrowtown for breakfast. Arrowtown is so picturesque... Continue Reading →

Some good news

We took the eldest to the Scoliosis Clinic at The Children's Hospital yesterday and ... yaaaaaay ... the spinal surgeon was very reassuring. Apparently the eldest's 38 degree curve has occurred in the best possible place it could - in the middle back area - which means it's not affecting anything crucial and probably won't... Continue Reading →

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