I couldn’t resist

OK, I’m calling it – I’m a blogging addict.

I can’t help myself – I have to give you a little update on the first day of our adventure.

After a mimosa in the departure lounge, we flew to Queenstown – which has the most picturesquely situated airport I’ve ever been to – and drove straight to a gondola that takes you up the hill/mountain and gives you the most glorious introduction to the town.

Oh, and we toasted our arrival while we were up there with delicious NZ beverages.

We’ve already been fantasizing about having a holiday house here and Googling real estate. It’s glorious!

Everything from the scenery to the architecture looks like a cross between Colorado and Switzerland, except everyone has thick NX accents.

That’s about all we had the energy to do on our first day as we’d both only had five hours sleep due to the frantic single parent prep required to get away.

Though we did manage a spa – via Kmart to get me a cheap cossie – and a steak at our motel, which were both quite noice.

We’re so knackered that we can’t even plan what to do on day two – we’re going to decide over brekkie.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are a few happy snaps

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