Ticking all the wrong boxes

Ah, New Year’s Eve … that delusional time of year when everyone resolves to eat less food and guzzle less booze. Me included … yet again. I have an additional motivator for abstinence in 2020 – I’ve been consulting with Dr Google and he says I’m too fat. Well, he didn’t say those exact words, […]

It’s hard to stop

I’ve done very little over the Christmas break and it’s been oddly exhausting. On Boxing Day I was so knackered I spent the morning lying cactus on the sofa, alternately reading, snoozing and eating rocky road. It took forever to haul myself to a standing position. I’m thinking it’s because normal life is so go, […]

Chucking the gifts in the bin

Wishing people a ‘Merry Christmas’ is a bit fraught these days. It presumes that everyone celebrates Christmas when not everyone does. It’s also not necessarily a happy time for people who are grieving or lonely. But I’ve enjoyed having friends and strangers wish me ‘Merry Christmas’ on my morning walks. It’s knocked some of the […]

All I can see is her face

I got an email yesterday that shocked me The White Island volcano tragedy has been hurting my heart since the news first broke. I was particularly saddened to hear about the loss of a family in a nearby suburb, whose daughter went to the same school as mine. When the photos of the parents were […]

I never see them

My lip trembled slightly when I got the news that my computer was fried, but I didn’t wake feeling too desolate yesterday. I put my Gen X big girl pants on and got cracking. I was relieved to hear that my new mortgage had settled, my boss bought everyone Chargrill Charlie’s for lunch to celebrate […]

Trapped in the escape room

This year feels like a very long escape room session, filled with problems that constantly need to be solved. The latest one: it seems the surge protector on my computer was blown by a recent storm, so it wasn’t protected when my faulty washing machine blacked out the house. Bottom line: I need a new […]

The Christmas pariah

Everyone keeps telling me how busy they are this week. They have too many Christmas events on – dinners, parties, drinks. I’m starting to feel a bit weird about it because I don’t have ANYTHING in my calendar. Well, other than getting my roots done tomorrow night. Oh, and the owner of my local cafe […]

Big changes ahead

So, it turns out both my children are changing high schools next year. The youngest and I met with the deputy principal of her new school on Friday. She has been hassling me for months to let her switch to a selective sport high school. I suspect her eagerness to leave her current school wasn’t […]

My festive spirit is missing

I may have been imbibing spirits over the past few weeks, but my festive spirit is missing. I haven’t even … gasp … put my Christmas tree up. And I’m not … gasp … going to … I checked with the kids and they’re fine with it. The youngest reckons she’s probably allergic to the […]

Love and martinis

I’m a bit knackered this morning as I was a dirty stop-out until 11.30pm last night. Tia Maria is hosting pop-up espresso martini bars at Moonlight Cinemas across Australia over summer and I was invited to try the Centennial Park one out. Even better, there was a screening of Love Actually too … and my […]