Lockdown lifer

Yesterday was pretty hectic by lockdown standards. I had a virtual job interview at 9am. The recruiter rang less than an hour later to say I wouldn't be going through to the next round because my SEO experience wasn't strong enough. Bummer. At least they ripped the Band-Aid off quickly. The youngest literally spent eight... Continue Reading →

Can’t move

Lockdown in Sydney has put me in a very tricky position. There are less distractions, so I’m running out of excuses not to clear out the two spare bedrooms in my house. Somehow I’ve managed to get two spare bedrooms, despite the household now including two teenagers, two dogs and two rats. When I bought... Continue Reading →

Going balmy

We are surrounded by the ocean on our last full day on the Reef Prince, so we decide to sleep in until 6.30am and skip the sunrise. A lazy day follows, filled with food, snoozing and slide shows. I feel the most relaxed I have in years. The food excesses are outlined on the activities... Continue Reading →

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