Can’t move

Lockdown in Sydney has put me in a very tricky position. There are less distractions, so I’m running out of excuses not to clear out the two spare bedrooms in my house.

Somehow I’ve managed to get two spare bedrooms, despite the household now including two teenagers, two dogs and two rats.

When I bought my house seven years ago, it was a three bedroom place. Last year, I turned the garage into an art studio for the eldest as he approached the HSC. But the eldest decided the garage was a more fun place to sleep. So that’s one empty bedroom.

Then I moved into the second living room because, as any mother of teens will tell you, they rarely leave their bedroom. I barely need one living area these days, let alone two.

So that means I have two spare bedrooms. Both are currently unusable because they are chockers with crap. You literally can’t get to the light switch in one of them, due to all the stuff jammed in there.

I hate cleaning and sorting soooooooo much.

I find 50 million reasons to tap away at the computer for 12 hours a day to avoid doing it.

But now that I’m not being a taxi driver for two busy teenagers due to simultaneous school holidays and lockdown, which has also led to my freelance workload being a little lighter, there is more time for the grubby stuff.

So I’m going to have to bite the bullet and face the mess.

Quite a few things should probably be sold – old bikes, the swing set from the youngest’s bedroom, furniture I no longer need. My former wardrobe needs to be exhumed. That kind of thing. I allocated yesterday afternoon as my start time and got half-heartedly cracking.

Confession: Another motivation is that a real estate agent is coming over tomorrow to check the place out. I have itchy feet and I want to be ready to move house at any moment. I’ve spent my adult life buying and selling properties and it feels like it’s time for a change. It’s a bit nutty, really, because I have one child about to do the HSC and another two years away from it. Staying put would make more sense. I should wait until the kids have both finished school, but the urge to downsize niggles at me. I am tired of the constant bills and upkeep that come with having a house and garden. I want a simpler lifestyle.

I viewed an apartment on Saturday, just hours before lockdown started. I liked it, but I’m wavering because it only has a small balcony. I would need to wander around the streets at night so the dogs could wee. Not ideal. A place with a courtyard or garden on title would be easier.

However, my options are limited due to my budget – the real estate market in Sydney has gone totally nuts, it’s completely jumped the shark.

But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. If I get the house tidy it will be ready when (if) I find the perfect new home. Time to crack out the Clarityne, it’s going to be dusty work.

Song of the day: M People “Moving on up”

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