Skipping a beat

What are you up to this weekend? I’m spending three days at the National Skipping Championships at Homebush. The excitement kicks off on Saturday morning when my ex and I will help run the T-shirt stall. It sells a variety of clothing items with various skipping themed transfers applied to them using a very big, […]

No going back

I met my mag mates for moneybags and massaman on Oxford Street last night. It was yum and fun. We only manage to catch up about twice a year these days, it’s hard to co-ordinate a free night in four busy schedules. Two of us still work in mags, two don’t. I’m one of the […]

Well trained

DD sent me a picture of Swiss cheese last night. It was part of the dessert plate at a business dinner he was attending in Korea. Little did he realise that it was the third anniversary of us holidaying together in Switzerland. I’ve taken it as a sign that I should revisit our lightning trip […]

Winners and losers

The last thing I needed in my Monday was guilt, but I got a giant bucketload of the stuff. It followed me opening an email announcing that the eldest had won their division of the local art prize. That should have been exciting news, but I was so disappointed. Not that my child had won […]

Soothing the blues

I wasn’t very cheery over the weekend. I yelled at someone on Friday and it completely messed with me. I never yell at people, but I was so furious that I let fly. I was so upset by it that I was still shaking slightly for hours afterwards. The distress clung to me over the […]

Too many lemons

I don’t know about you, but 2019 has been a bit of a lemon for me. It’s been relentlessly arduous and it’s only September. In the latest hurdle, I took the eldest for a back X-ray yesterday. It really sucked. The only good thing was that it was free, which is highly unusual in the […]

Help is on the way

I went to see my old bank manager yesterday. I have no idea why I didn’t do it earlier. I think I got so bogged down in my busy single mum life that I couldn’t see the big picture. My bank manager and I go waaaaaay back. Pauline been running her branch in the CBD […]

My premonition came true

I had a nightmare that DD and I had a huge fight before Dr Michael Mosley’s Centenary Institute oration. We were so cranky that we didn’t even sit together. I was quite upset when I woke up, it felt very real. And it turned out to be a premonition. Well, kind of. DD and I […]

Date with a diet guru

DD took me to the 14th World Congress on Inflammation yesterday. That shouldn’t make me giggle, but it does … a lot. DD knows how to show a girl a good time. It was actually pretty fascinating – we were there to watch Dr Michael Mosley deliver the ‘Centenary Institute Oration’. Before I go any […]

He yelled at me

Movie night happens in shifts at my place these days. I fancied some family tellie time on Saturday night, but my teens have very, very different taste in entertainment. The youngest, for example, hates sci-fi, while the eldest and I love it. Trying to get them to agree on a DVD is impossible, hence the movie shift […]